Mayor Dour, or simply Dour, is a minor character that appears in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. He is the mayor of Twilight Town and one of many mayors in the game itself.


Mayor Dour is an elderly, light blue Twilighter with very bushy eyebrows and a mustache. He also wears a red shirt with purple pants and is always seen carrying a stick.


Mayor Dour first greeted Mario as soon he entered into his town. Dour takes Mario into his home where he explains a monster had cursed the town to turn everyone into pigs. Dour is excited to hear that Mario is going to solve the problem but Dour is soon turned into a pig after Mario needs to get permission from him to enter through the gate. Soon after, Mario defeats the monster and Dour and the other Twilighters are turned back into themselves. However, Dour is fooled by Doopliss who had taken over Mario's body at the time and asks Mario that they didn't hurt his feelings.

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