Marrymore is a location that is found in the game Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. This place is known for its weddings and over-expensive hotel where if the person doesn't pay the coins or cannot pay the coins, they must work it off.


Marrymore is a fairly large town with many buildings. It also contains the wedding chapal where the loved ones want to get married at. Marrymore also contains the largest Inn which cost 100 coins to stay at.


Mario and his team chase Booster who has taken Peach to Marrymore to force her to marriage with him. However, Booster has blocked the front entrance so Mario must go through another way. He heads through the back door and through the kitchen and manages to get into the room, but Peach has lost all of her items. Mario must search for all of the items before Booster's Snifits to earn an award from Peach. However, Chef Torte and his partner come in with the cake and they are angry that noone will eat it and they get into a fight with Mario's team. Mario and his team defeat the actual living cake Bundt to the point where Booster eats it. Booster is pleased and leaves Marrymore. Mario and his friends then leave Marrymore to take Peach back to the Mushroom Kingdom.

During near the end of the game, there is a clip where Booster and Valentina getting married here.