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Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis, only for the Nintendo DS, is the sequel to Mario vs. Donkey Kong for the Game Boy Advance. It is more puzzle-oriented than its predecessor and has you controlling Mini Marios instead of Mario himself.


Prior to the events of the game, Mario Toy Company created three new toys, Mini Peachs, Mini Toads, and Mini Donkey Kongs. Because of the hit success of all the toys, they created an amusement park called Super Mini Mario World. Mario brought Pauline to the ribbon cutting ceremony. At the ribbon cutting ceremony, Mario and Donkey Kong, who went to there too, offered her to cuddle up with a Mini Mario or a Mini Donkey Kong respectively. Pauline chose the Mini Mario, and so Donkey Kong got mad, broke several crystal balls containing Mini Marios, and kidnapped Pauline. Mario chased after him, but failed to stop him. Mario then noticed several Mini Marios around, and started commanding them. After going through eight different themed floors, they reached the roof, where Mario threw Mini Marios at DK and defeated him. He then rushed through a door on the roof, and saw that Pauline was safe. Pauline then cuddled up with a Mini DK and made Donkey Kong happy.

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