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Mario Wiki is a collaborative encyclopedia for the ever popular Mario franchise. There are currently 15,643 articles, ever since the wiki was founded in July 2007.

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Edge is a Rabbid and one of the nine main heroes from Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope. Unlike the other playable Rabbids, she isn’t based on a Mario character. She was created by Cursa to be the leader of the Spark Hunters, who were once comrades to her, but after some time after gaining free will, she ends up leaving the Spark Hunters after seeing how horrible Cursa was to the Sparks and would eventually end up joining up with Mario and his friends after she came to Twinkle's rescue when it was pursued by Cursa's forces and has stuck with them since then.

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Mario Kart 7 Review

By LuigiMaster41


Date: 10/12/23, Rating: 9/10

Alright, so I think its very fitting to do my first review on a 3DS game on the game that was ALSO my first 3DS game to play. I have been wanting to play this game for such a while now, so that must be saying something about the quality of the presentation. Now sure, I am very disappointed to see the absence of Waluigi as a playable racer, in favour of Honey Queen (in which MK8DX BCP literally indirectly confirms this by including Wiggler but not her) the roster is more bursting in variety than in MKDS. While there's no R.O.B., I still enjoy playing with newer characters to me, like Rosalina and Koopa Troopa for one.

As for the gameplay, this is a huge graphical step up from MKDS. I really enjoy the controls and movements of the karts, and the gilding and underwater mechanics (which were introduced in THIS entry first) are pretty neat-o inclusions! The kart customisation feature is okay, although sometimes I am only 50/50 with the satisfaction of the combination I can create. I also feel like there's less personality in the kart types, on comparison to MKDS with the iconic B Dasher (which they did bring back), a kart modelled after Rambi the Rhino, a Rolls-Royce themed kart, a literal tractor, Bowser's Koopa Clown Car modelled into a plane, a tank AND an excavator. There are some cool designs, such as a bee-themed kart, a cactus kart, a cool boat, Lakitu's Cloud, and the simple Pipe Frame based off the go-karts from the older Mario Kart games. However, I can't help but notice karts that are too similar visually from MKDS like the Zucchini based off the Cucumber, or the Blue Seven just basically this game's Streamliner from, and the Birthday Girl isn't as near as cool as the Royale or Power Flower, and then there's the less-than-cool Koopa Clown kart too.

Thankfully, this was not enough to prevent me from enjoy the new tracks. If you can work in both concept AND atmosphere, you've already won me over, and MK7 is no joke in the modern nor retro courses. You got courses like Shy Guy Bazaar, Melody Motorway, Piranha Plant Pipeway, Neo Bowser City, the Wuhu tracks, DK Jungle, and this game supplies me with my favourite Bowser's Castle of any MK game, and Rainbow Road is legendary too. As well as the retro courses like Mushroom Gorge, Luigi's Mansion Coconut Mall, Waluigi Pinball, DK Pass, Maple Treeway, Koopa Cape, Dino Dino Jungle and Airship Fortress. Granted, every MK has its few stinkers, like the boring Koopa Troopa Beach, or the hard-to-get-your-drift-right course known as Wario Shipyard. And also what is clearly lacking is the replay-ability, such as the single-player VS mode which is nonexistent, or the mediocre Battle mode. Online play is alright, but it will soon come to an end in 2024, so that's more replay-ability gone too.

Netherless, I do believe I made my money's worth in buying this game, its the one I have played the most hours on my 2DS console. It comes at a tough contender with Luigi's Mansion 2 for being my favourite 3DS game, but I believe this is not a game that should be overlooked by the fans. I really love this game, granted I have grown with MKDS, I appreciate what this game brought to the series, so you must definitely give this game another shot if you haven't already!

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