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Mario Tennis Aces is the Mario Tennis game for the Nintendo Switch. Mario Tennis Aces is the first Mario Tennis game since Mario Tennis: Power Tour to feature a story mode and is the eighth installment of the Mario Tennis series.


The base gameplay of Mario Tennis Aces is similar to the arcade action of previous titles, including Mario Tennis, Mario Tennis: Power Tour, and Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash. Players can utilize different types of shots, including Topsin, Flat, Slice, Lob, and Drop shots alongside unique special shots. Characters are given an energy gauge that can be used to perform Zone Shots, Zone Speed, or Special Shots. The energy gauge is increased by performing rallies back to the opponent or perform timing-based Trick Shots.

Zome Shots can be performed by running to a rotating star icon on the ground, which allows players to aim the shot anywhere on the court. Zone Speed allows players to slow down time to reach difficult shots in time to rally them back to the opponent. Special Shots require a full energy gauge and deliver a devastating shot back to the opponent.

Newly introduced in Mario Tennis Aces is racket damage. Zone Shots and Special Shots can damage player's rackets. Rackets can withstand three Zone Shots or one Special Shot before they break. Each player has one replacement racket. If both rackets break during the course of the match, the player automatically retries. Proper timing in the rally back to the opponent during these shots can prevent damage and instead increase the energy gauge of the player. In double, players share one energy gauge but have their own racket counters. If one player's racket breaks during a rally, the team loses the point. If one player's racket breaks on the team, the team automatically retires the match.

Alongside normal gameplay modes, Mario Tennis Aces include a simple rules mode which removes the new shot types. Swing Mode allows players to use motion controls while playing. The game features an 8-player elimination style Tournament Mode where players challenge CPU opponents. Online multiplayer is supported up to four players. Players can earn prizes by playing various modes, including various outfits and playable characters.


The plot of Mario Tennis Aces plays out in its Adventure Mode, where players undergo many challenges to complete. These challenges include missions and boss battles against CPU opponents. Mario, who is partnered with Toad, attempts to rescue those who have been possessed by a dark force in a special tennis racket called Lucien. Characters who have been possessed by Lucien resemble mummies with glowing eyes. To free them from Lucien's control, Mario must travel across the island and complete challenges by enemies.

Mario is tasked with finding the five Power Stones that power the racket of Lucien before the evil force does. Wario and Waluigi heard the myths of this racket and wish to own it for themselves, which in turn corrupts them. Aster, who resides in the Temple of Bask, tells Mario of Lucien's goal and imparts various skills to him to help restore the island to normalcy. Mario can obtain different rackets with different attributes, and level up player stats.

Adventure Mode Stages

Marina Stadium

Bask Ruins

  • Bask Ruins: A Bone to Pick
  • Temple of Bask: An Ancient Trial
  • Temple of Bask Shrine: The Final Battle!

Piranha Plant Forest

  • Piranha Plant Forest: Pipe Gripe
  • Forest Practice Court: Rally Challenge (Beginner)
  • Piranha Plant Habitat: Rapid Fire
  • Forest Edge: Sure Shot Challenge (Beginner)
  • Ancient Altar: Forest Monster
  • Bay Ferry: Battle Boat

Mirage Mansion

  • Mirage Mansion: Malicious Mirrors
  • Mansion Practice Court: Panel Challenge (Beginner)
  • Reflection Room: The Great Mirror Mystery
  • Detour: Rally Challenge (Intermediate)
  • Royal Chamber: All Hail the Mirror Queen

Snowfall Mountain

  • Snowfall Mountain Station: Snowball Fight
  • Snowfall Mountain: One vs...One?
  • Snowfall Mountainside: Panel Challenge (Intermediate)
  • Snowfall Mountain Summit: Snow Ogre Showdown

Savage Sea

  • Savage Sea Coast: The Sort-Of Sea Monster
  • Savage Sea Bay: The Sea Monster Attacks!
  • Savage Sea: Rally Challenge (Advanced)

Inferno Island

  • Inferno Island: Mechakoopa Crisis
  • Castle Bridge: Sure Shot Challenge (Advanced)
  • Castle Practice Court: Panel Challenge (Advanced)
  • Castle Gates: Defeat Bowser's Minions!
  • Bowser's Castle: Battle the Treasure Guardian!


Playable Characters

Additional Characters

Nintendo has stopped updating the game with characters, Dry Bowser being the last one


  • Donkey Kong
  • Koopa Troopa
  • Boo
  • Shy Guy
  • Blooper
  • Boom Boom
  • Possessed Wario & Waluigi
  • Possessed Luigi

Characters name in bold with the assist of hazards will be towards to Mario in Adventure Mode.



Official descriptions

Nintendo website

USA: "Unleash an arsenal of shots and strategies in all-out tennis battles with friends, family, and fan-favorite Mushroom Kingdom characters. Whether you play locally,* online**, or using simple motion controls, intense rallies await!" [1]




  • In the previous games, King Boo, Cackletta, Princess Shroob, Dark Star and Fawful, Black Paint and MegaBug had possessed Bowser. This is the seventh game where Bowser is possessed. This time, he is possessed by Lucien.
  • This is the first Mario Tennis game where it has Story Mode also known as Adventure Mode.[2]
  • This is the second Mario sports game in which Mario does not wear his regular outfit, the first is Super Mario Strikers.
    • Mario's standard outfit could be unlocked in the game, though this was through an online tournament in 2018 and now cannot be unlocked.


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