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Mario Strikers Charged (known as Mario Strikers Charged Football in Europe) is a soccer video game. and is a sequel to the 2005 Nintendo GameCube game Super Mario Strikers. Like in its predecessor, it has team captains and sidekicks.


Captains and Super Abilities

There are twelve available team captains in the game to choose from, nine of which appear immediately and three of which must be unlocked. In addition, each captain has their own Super Ability.

The following are in-game at launch:

  • Mario (Super Mario!)
  • Luigi (Super Luigi!)
    • It is the same move as Mario's move Super Mario!, making Luigi giant.
  • Peach (Freeze Frame!)
    • Peach can trap foes with a single camera shot, leaving them frozen for a few seconds.
  • Daisy (Crystal Smash!)
    • Daisy summons orange crystals from the ground. Whomever comes in contact with the crystals will be sent flying in the air. The opponents will be stunned for a few seconds.
  • Yoshi (Egg Roll!)
    • Yoshi hops onto a giant egg and begins running over foes in the field.
  • Donkey Kong (Thunder Wham!)
    • DK can pound his fists on the ground and hit nearby foes, and can even tilt the screen whether which side he does it.
  • Waluigi (Wall-Luigi!)
    • Waluigi can make a wall of thorns behind him, blocking foes and even the ball.
  • Wario (Gas Mask!)
    • He releases nauseous gas (which is limited), which confuses all surrounding players, disorienting the player by temporarily inverting the controls.
  • Bowser (Fire Storm!)
    • Bowser can breathe fire in the field that sends everyone running on fire.

The following must be unlocked:

  • Bowser Jr. (Sonic Roar!)
    • Bowser Jr. roars, sending out small sonar waves in front of him that temporarily shrink and stun anyone who touches them, slowing their movement speed as well. This is similar to the Thunder Bolt from the [[Mario Kart (series)}|Mario Kart]] games.
  • Diddy Kong (Red Card!)
    • Diddy creates a vertical beam of light that lasts for about three seconds. Anyone who steps into it except Diddy himself is sucked out of the field for about 15 seconds.
  • Petey Piranha (Mud Slinger!)
    • He is able to vomit three balls of goop onto the ground 4 times in front of him, stunning anyone it hits. The goop stays on the floor and slows down anyone and anything that runs through it except Petey himself.


The sidekicks for this game are:


The ball for this game instead of a normal soccer ball, is a metal ball. The metal ball starts out as a purple ball, but when you pass it to a sidekick, it will change its color, up to a white ball, which is stronger and faster. But when the ball gets stolen by an opponent, it degrades to a purple ball.


There are only three cups in the game they are the following:

  • Fire Cup: There are nine Round-Robin Rounds then one Elimination Round. The Championship Round is a best of three against Bowser Jr. (Reward: Bowser Jr. and the Lava Pit Stage)
  • Crystal Cup (Reward: Diddy Kong and Crystal Canyon Stage)
  • Striker Cup (Reward: Petey Piranha and Stormship Stadium Stage)


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  • This game is the first Mario game to have a rating above E. The second game is Mario and Luigi: Dream Team.
  • This is one of the few Wii video games that were under the Nintendo Selects games, which had their price lowered to $19.99 Retail Price.