Mario Party-e is a card game that makes optional use of the Nintendo e-Reader and was released on February 7, 2003. A significant departure from the series, Mario Party-e is a card game that involves trying to get three superstar clothes accessories, and getting a superstar to win. However, there are many cards that can stop the player from reaching this goal. Many of these cards contain "dot-codes" which, when scanned into the e-Reader allow players to play minigames similar to those found in the regular Mario Party series.

Mario Party-e contains a Play Mat, an instruction book and a pre-constructed deck consisting of 64 cards in the following assortment (cards marked with an asterisk ("*") are e-Reader compatible cards):

01 coin (x24) 02 Superstar's Hat (x4) 03 Superstar's Clothes (x4) 04 Superstar's Shoes (x4)
05 Superstar (x4) 06 Mario 07 Super Mario 08 Luigi
09 Super Luigi 10 Donkey Kong 11 Princess Peach* 12 Graceful Princess Peach*
13 Daisy* 14 Lakitu* 15 Toad 16 Bob-omb
17 Chain Chomp 18 Shy Guy 19 Goomba 20 Bowser*
21 Koopa Troopa 22 Boo 23 Two Boo 24 Yoshi*
25 Big Boo* 26 Waluigi* 27 Super Waluigi* 28 Wario*
29 Super Wario*
  • A 30th card has been released: the Double Coin card. This card appeared as a promotional card, buyable only in special events.