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Mario Party (マリオパーテ, Mario Pāti) is a video game based on board games, including Monopoly and the first installment in the hit series. In this game, choose one of the six characters to play as, choose a board to play on and then play and move around it. As you progress, you can collect Coins and various items to help during your quest of finding Stars. The game's successor was Mario Party 2. This was released in 1998 for Japan and 1999 for other countries.


One morning day, Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Wario and Donkey Kong begin debating about who in their group is the superstar based on their personal abilities. Wario states that a Super Star must be strong, to which Donkey Kong suggests that he is also strong himself. Both get into an argument over who is stronger. The narrator says that maybe Mario would make a good superstar, or Princess Peach, or even the energetic Yoshi. The gang starts to close in on Toad, who shouts out that he has an idea of what they should do. Toad, who is literally at the center of their discussion, suggests the six of them determine who is the superstar through a series of games placed on maps resembling board games. He also warns that the road will be dangerous and that being the Super Star requires not only strength, but courage, wisdom and kindness. Luigi (who had been pushed around by Wario and DK, being in the middle of their argument) bravely agrees first to this plan and sets off to find the warp pipe. Whoever acquires the most Stars in these games will be crowned the superstar. With that incentive, Mario and the rest of the group agree and race him to enter the warp pipe and the game begins.

Basic Info

As the first of the Mario Party series, this game set the stage for one of the most popular games ever to be released by Nintendo, with emphasis on the mini-game stages and the simple board game style of play. The gameplay setup has remained mostly the same throughout the series. The game has six starter boards, two the players can unlock, and one found at the mini-game house.






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In 2000, Nintendo was sued by many parents complaining about some of the mini-games in Mario Party (Such as Tug o' War, Pedal Power, Cast Aways, and Paddle Battle primarily). In said mini-games, players must rotate the analog stick to win. Many kids burned their palms and some had to be hospitalized. So Nintendo decided to give out gloves to every N64 owner and pay $80,000,000 for the hospital's funds. This was the reason why Mario Party was never released on the Virtual Console.


  • In this game, the ground-pound was renamed to "Hip Drop." This is because there is a minigame that is also called Ground-Pound.
  • This is the only game in the Mario Party series in which the title screen changes depending on which character wins a board.
  • If more than one character wins a minigame, it will be shown with an error, with the singular "wins" being used instead of "won." This was fixed in subsequent games.