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Mario Kart Tour is a game in the Mario Kart series for mobile devices. It was revealed on January 31, 2018, revealing it to be free-to-start. However, there was a delay to release from April to later summer.[1] Eventually, it was released on September 25, 2019. Other than the rest of the Mario Kart franchise, Mario Kart Tour always concentrates on one tour for about 2 weeks and then switches the Tour. In tours, there are highlights (drivers, karts and gliders) which then briefly appear and disappear after the current tour. Highlights can reappear in future tours.




  • A course inspired by Tokyo, featuring the Rainbow Bridge and Ginza as traversable areas. (Tokyo Blur)
  • Another course inspired by Tokyo, featuring traditional Japanese architecture including Sensō-ji.
  • A New-York themed track leading through the city. (New York Minute)
  • A course inspired by Paris, featuring the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe as traversable landmarks. (Paris Promenade)
  • Several (already included) tracks which contain christmas trees, which were temporarily added to some tracks.
  • Also, some tracks have slightly different versions of themselves. The "T" tracks often have more obstacles to trick off, "R" tracks are backwards (with some new elements added), and "R/T" courses are both features combined.


Note:' Tours and their highlights last for 2 weeks but they may reappear later. *-Active tour event

Tour Date Special Track Notes
New York Tour* September 25, 2019 New York Minute The first Tour, which started on the day of release.
Tokyo Tour October 8, 2019 Tokyo Blur
Halloween Tour October 22, 2019 Luigi's Mansion
Paris Tour November 5th, 2019 Paris Promenade
Winter Tour November 19, 2019 DK Pass Several tracks may include Christmas trees.
London Tour December 4, 2019 London Loop
Holiday Tour December 18, 2019

Rainbow Road

(Mario Kart 7)

New Year's Tour January 1, 2020 Tokyo Blur

Some elements/tracks are reused from the

Tokyo Tour.

Ice Tour January 15, 2020 Frappe Snowland
Valentines Tour January 29, 2020 Paris Promenade
Vancouver Tour February 12, 2020
Mario Bros Tour February 26, 2020
Baby Rosalina Tour March 11, 2020
Hammer Bro Tour March 25, 2020
Yoshi Tour April 8, 2020
Trick Tour April 22, 2020










Tour-Exclusive (Spotlight)

Tour-Exclusive (Gold Pass)


Gold Pass

The Gold Pass is a subscription service which allows the player to:

1. Get "Gold Gifts" by racing in tours! (earn more rewards like drivers, rubies and more)

2.Earn badges from "Gold Challenges"! (more available missions (and rewards))

3. Unlock 200cc races! (race faster)


As the game says, quote: "the two-week free trial is only for new subscribers and it is limited to one per account. When the free trial period ends, a paid Gold Pass subscription will begin automatically for the price shown below per month unless it is cancelled as explained below.", end quote.

One month costs: $4,99

-this article is not in any way supporting or advertising this subscription pass-



  • This is the only Mario Kart game where you must pay to unlock Mario.


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