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'''''Mario Kart''''' is a series of racing games based on [[Mario]] and other characters from the [[Super Mario]] series.
== Games ==
* '''''[[Super Mario Kart]]''''' is the original ''Mario Kart'' game. It was released in [[1992]] for [[Super Nintendo Entertainment System]].
* '''''[[Mario Kart 64]]''''' was released in [[1996]] for [[Nintendo 64]].
* '''''[[Mario Kart Super Circuit]]''''' was released in [[2001]] for the [[Game Boy Advance]].
* '''''[[Mario Kart: Double Dash]]''''' was released in [[2003]] for [[Gamecube]].
* '''''[[Mario Kart Arcade GP]]''''' was released in [[2005]] as a [[Namco]] arcade game.
* '''''[[Mario Kart DS]]''''' was released in [[2005]] for [[Nintendo DS]]. It added missions and [[multiplayer]] features. It also included many tracks from previous games.
* '''''[[Mario Kart Arcade GP2]]''''' was released in [[2007]] in [[Japan]].
* '''''[[Mario Kart Wii]]''''' was released in [[2008]] for the [[Wii]].
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