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Mario Golf: World Tour is a sport title for the Nintendo 3DS. It is the fifth installment of the Mario Golf series. This is the first Mario Golf game made since Mario Golf: Advance Tour back in 2004. The game also features gyroscope support and Wi-Fi capabilities, allowing players to participate in online Tournaments against other players from around the world. The game also makes use of downloadable content, in which extra courses and characters. Several voice clips are reused from Mario Power Tennis.


This game was announced at Nintendo Direct on February 14, 2013, along with Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D



Unlockable Characters

To Unlock: Collect 40 Star Coins in Challenge Mode.

To Unlock: Collect 45 Star Coins in Challenge Mode

To Unlock: Collect 50 Star Coins in Challenge Mode

To Unlock: Collect 55 Star Coins in Challenge Mode

DLC Characters

To Unlock: Purchase the Season Pass DLC

To Unlock: Purchase the Mushroom Pack or the Season Pass

To Unlock: Purchase the Flower Pack or the Season Pass

To Unlock: Purchase the Star Pack of the Season Pass



DLC Courses


Name Image How it Works
Once the ball lands on the ground, the ball will roll faster.
Fire Flower
Increases the distance of the swing, and goes through Obstacles.
Ice Flower
Freezes the terrain once it bounces, and the ball bounces multiple times. It even works on water, but not lava.
Bullet Bill
After the swing, the ball turns into a Bullet Bill and will travel the maximum distance (Around 400 yd. [366 m]).
Ignores power-reducing terrain, mainly fairways, roughs, and bunkers; Can be swung at full distance.
Boomerang Flower
Will make a deeper width of Fade or Draw shot trajectory, and increases the distance.
Jump Block
Creates a note block once a ball is about to hit the ground or a wall.
A Tornado that picks up nearby coins. It also works with Star Coins and Moon Coins.
Ball is shot going steep into the air, then drops straight down.
Gold Flower
Shares the effect of a fire flower, but grants coins by the distance the ball travels. Effects Gold Mario by default, but Gold Mario is not allowed to use Power, Approach, nor items.

Downloadable Content (DLC)

Pack Release Price Blocks What it does
Free-Trial Course Pack May 2, 2014 Free 370 N/A
Mushroom Pack May 2, 2014 US: $5.99

CAN: $6.49



AUS: $7.80

447 Courses: Toad Highlights, Koopa Park

Characters: Toadette

Flower Pack May 22, 2014 US: $5.99

CAN: $6.49



AUS: $7.80

447 Courses: Layer-Cake Desert, Sparkling Waters

Characters: Nabbit

Star Pack June 19, 2014 US: $5.99

CAN: $6.49



AUS: $7.80

482 Courses: Rock-Candy Mines, Mario's Star

Characters: Rosalina

Season Pass May 2, 2014 US: $14.99

CAN: $16.49



AUS: $20.90

1373 Courses: Toad Highlights, Koopa Park,

Layer-Cake Desert, Sparkling Waters,

Rock-Candy Mines, Mario's Star

Characters: Gold Mario, Toadette, Nabbit, Rosalina.




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