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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is an upcoming crossover role-playing game feature characters in both the Mario series and the Raving Rabbids series for the Nintendo Switch.


Mario travels to Princess Peach's Castle to find a giant vortex floating above it. Soon after this discovery, Rabbids begin flying out of it. To restore the Mushroom Kingdom, which has been "torn apart" by mischievous Rabbids, to its normal state, Mario teams up with Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi, and heroic Rabbids to defeat enemies while armed with weapons.


The game is estimated to be composed of 35% exploration elements and 65% turn-based combat.[3] A multiplayer, local co-op mode has also been confirmed. The combat is weapon-based, with the weapons resembling guns.

The exploration aspect of the gameplay is controlled by Beep-O, a new character to be introduced.[4] There will be seven enemy archetypes, and one mid-boss and boss per world; there are a total of four world environments.



  • BEEP-O
  • Mario-Mario's offensive talents make him a natural choice to lead the charge in battle. He is a mid-to-close range fighter with excellent mobility.
  • Luigi-A master of long-range attacks (due to his fear of the front lines) Luigi has bravely led many 'fighting retreats' thanks to his advanced mobility.
  • Yoshi-Yoshi is a long-range specialist who belongs behind the front lines where he can deliver a power-packed punch from afar. Loves fruit.
  • Princess Peach-In her new role as a 'defender in a dress' vs. 'damsel in distress', Princess Peach strikes a nice balance between offense, defense and mobility.
  • Rabbid Mario-A big league brawler with exceptional luck, a dependable defense, solid moves and massive case of imposter syndrome.
  • Rabbid Luigi-Rabbid Luigi is a defensive specialist who can leverage the unpredictable elemental forces that surround us all to great strategic effect.
  • Rabbid Yoshi-Rabbid Yoshi is best utilized lashing out with heavy weapons at long range. His arsenal includes melee skills, solid defense and a cool victory dance.
  • Rabbid Peach-A proficient healer and damage-denier, when this defense-oriented prima donna takes the battlefield she keeps one eye on the enemy, and one on Mario.


    • Rabbid Kong
    • Pirabbid Plant
    • A Rabbid wearing red accessories[1]
    • A Rabbid wearing green accessories[1]
    • A Rabbid wearing purple accessories[1]
    • A Rabbid wearing brown accessories[1]
    • A Rabbid with torn clothes and eyes that light up[1]
    • A mobile explosive resembling a mole[1]
    • An enemy, possibly a Rabbid, with dark-colored clothes and a pumpkin head[1]
    • A Rabbid with glowing eyes that wears armor[1]
    • A giant Rabbid wearing wrestler clothing that attacks by slamming a purple block[1]
    • Chain Chomp
    • Bowser Jr.
    • Spawny

Characters with unspecified roles

  • Goomba
  • Boo
  • Toad

Items and Objects

  • Brick Blocks[1]
  • Coins[1]
  • Giant Brick Blocks[1]
  • Red Coins[1]
  • Red Coin Rings[1]
  • Warp Pipes with Rabbid ears and teeth which function similarly to Clear Pipes


  • A grassland with Brick Blocks.[1]
  • A desert area with bone structures, massive plungers, and a sphinx resembling a Rabbid.[1]
  • An icy area.[1]
  • An area with a haunted theme.


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