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Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 is a game for the Nintendo Switch and will be released in November 2019.[1]



Playable characters

Team Mario

Image Character Type Bio
Mario Tokyo Mario A cheerful plumber and everyone's favorite superstar. He stands up to Bowser with his jumping skills and all-around athletic ability.
Luigi Tokyo Luigi Mario's younger twin brother. He's a little timid (especially around ghosts), but is kind and just as capable as his brother.
Peach Tokyo Peach Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. She has a close bond with Mario and is unfailingly kind. She loves baking and cooking.
Daisy Tokyo Daisy The Princess of Sarasaland. She is cheerful, active, and always full of energy.
Bowser Tokyo Bowser The Koopa King's strength, fire breath, and large army of Goombas, Koopa Troopas, and more make him a constant threat to world peace.
Wario lg Wario Never a dull moment with Wario, a loud, brash fellow who says he's Mario's greatest rival. He loves garlic and money.
Waluigi lg Waluigi Wario's pal who thinks he's Luigi's rival. His gangly arms and legs make him a fierce competitor in all manner of sports.
Yoshi lg Yoshi Mario's kind, chill ally from Yoshi's Island. His long tongue lets him gobble up fruit and foe alike and turn them into eggs.
Donkeykong Donkey Kong King of the jungle and superstar of the Kong Family. He's so strong, it isn't funny. He'd do anything for a banana or ten.[2]
BowserJr.MSROG Bowser Jr. The Koopa King's little boy. He might be small, but he's got all of Papa's strength and selfishness. Wears a mask with a big mouth on it.
Image Character Playable events Bio
Rosalina Surfing Rosalina Surfing - Shortboard
Diddy Kong Rugby Seven Diddy Kong Rugby Sevens
Toadette 110m Hurdles Toadette 110m Hurdles
Larry Equestrian Larry Equestrian
Ludwig Fencing Ludwig Fencing
Wendy 100 Freestyle Swimming Wendy 100m Freestyle - Swimming

Team Sonic

Image Character Bio
Sonic Tokyo Sonic The world's fastest hedgehog. He can be impulsive and impatient, but he is driven by kindness and a strong sense of justice.
Tails Tokyo Tails A kind, twin-tailed fox kit. He can spin his tails to fly through the air, and his engineering talent helps Sonic on his adventures.
Knuckles Tokyo Knuckles A powerful echidna who lives on Angel Island as the lone guardian of the Master Emerald.
Amy Tokyo Amy Rose A hedgehog who is a real go-getter and lights up the room when she's around. She's quite strong-minded, and won't hesitate at taking on evil with her trusty Piko Piko Hammer.
Dr. Eggman Tokyo Dr. Eggman A self-proclaimed evil scientist and mechanical genius with an IQ of 300. He never gives up on his plans to take over the world.
Shadow Tokyo Shadow the Hedgehog A black hedgehog known as the ultimate life form. Created with an immortal body, he wields Chaos Emeralds to warp space and time.
Silver Tokyo Silver the Hedgehog A hedgehog from a devastated future. He is always positive and has a strong sense of justice. His powerful psychokinesis can move big objects as well as allow him to levitate.
Metal Sonic Tokyo Metal Sonic A high-performance robot built by Dr. Eggman to mimic Sonic. He has Sonic's speed and power, and serves as Eggman's obedient henchman.[2]
Blaze Tokyo Blaze the Cat A princess from another world who uses the Sol Emeralds she protects. Cool-headed and hard on herself, she's still a little shy.
Vector Tokyo Vector the Crocodile The head of the Chaotix Detective Agency. He has a sharp mind and a sharp tongue, but is also an optimist with a compassionate heart.
Image Character Playable Event Bio
Eggman Nega Boxing Eggman Nega Karate - Kumite
Rouge Sport Climbing Rouge the Bat Sport Climbing
Jet Football Jet the Hawk Football
Espio the Chameleon Triple Jump
Zavok Zavok Boxing
Zazz Table Tennis Zazz Table Tennis

  • Birdo (Football goalies)
  • Boom Boom (Rugby Sevens teammates)
  • Hammer Bro (Bowser's Volleyball teammates)
  • Toad (Mario, Luigi, and Peach's Volleyball teammates)

Referees, judges, and camera operators

Image Character
Chao Chao (2020 events only)

  • Cheese
  • Neutral
Charmy Bee (2020 events only)
Cream Tokyo Cream the Rabbit (2020 events only)
Cubot (2020 events only)
Orbot (2020 events only)
Toad Tokyo Toad
Rocky (1964 events only)

Non-playable characters

Audience characters


Olympic Events

During Olympic Events, specific characters wear proper outfits for the event. During Dream Events, they wear their standard outfits, similar to previous games.

Tokyo 2020

Tokyo 1964


  • Tokyo Tower Climbing (2020)[9]
  • Unnamed plane event (2D)[9]
  • Unnamed car chasing event (2D)[9]
  • Unnamed bridge running event (2D)[9]
  • Unnamed Key finding event (2D)[9]
  • Unnamed Toad finding event[9]
  • Unnamed Shy Guy punching event[9]
  • Unnamed motorboat event[9]




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