Template:Game Infobox Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga is a video game in the Mario series for the Game Boy Advance released in 2003. It is one of the current six Mario role playing games. Mario and Luigi who go on an adventure to save Princess Peach from the clutches of the evil Cackletta and her evil assistant Fawful. This game takes place in the Beanbean Kingdom, a neighboring kingdom visited frequently by the members of the Mushroom Kingdom.

The cartridge also included a port of Mario Bros., like the Super Mario Advance series. It was able to link up to the Super Mario Advance games for multiplayer.

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The game begins at Peach's Castle where the Royal Beanbean ambassador (which was actually Fawful and Cackletta in disguise) were going to visit. Once there they stole Peach's voice, they replaced it with an explosive voice. Later Bowser came to the castle, and so a Toad ran to Mario's house while Luigi was drying clothes. Eventually he found him in the bathroom but quickly ran out in embarrassment. Then Mario wearing a bathrobe came out, jumped on Toad's head a couple of times and found out that something had happened to the Princess. After defeating Bowser, the Mario, Luigi, and Bowser are clued in on the catastrophy, along with the "princess" making an explosive explanation. Bowser then decides to help Mario out by letting him travel along in his Koopa Cruiser, and, thinking Luigi was signing up to be one of his (Bowser) minions, takes him (Luigi) up inside the Cruiser as well.

A while after the ship crosses the Beanbean/Mushroom Border, they are attacked by Fawful and Cackeletta who destroy the Cruiser, scattering the minions, the Bros, and Bowser. Mario and Luigi run into the Hammer Bros., and after a game of "Border Jump," they enter the Stardust Fields. They soon find Bowser, who's trapped in a cannon. They then meet Tolstar, the apparent king of the fields, who agrees to release Bowser for all of Mario's Coins. Mario agrees, but after finding out that Mario held Mushrooom Kingdom coins, he had the Bros. find 100 Beanbean coins. In the meantime the Bros met the Starshade Bros. who taught them how to use 2 Bros. Actions (the High Jump and Spin Jump) and Bros. Attacks (the Splash Bros. and the Bounce Bros.) the After doing so, he then refused to help Bowser out of the cannon and fought Mario and Luigi in battle, and was quickly dispatched.

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Battle Mechanics

Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga uses a style of battle mechanics that are similar to those in Paper Mario, however, with some more stats and perks. Each character has something similar to a speed stat. The one with the highest strikes first. Each character also has Attack, Defense, and one more stat called "Stache". Simply put, Stache is basically Mario or Luigi's luck of hitting a "Lucky" attack, which multiplies damage by two.


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