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Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga (マリオ&ルイージRPG Mario & Luigi RPG?) is the first game in the Mario & Luigi series released for the Game Boy Advance in 2003. It is one of the current six Mario role playing games.

Mario and Luigi went to save Princess Peach from the clutches of Cackletta and her evil assistant Fawful. This game takes place in the Beanbean Kingdom, a neighboring kingdom frequently visited by the members of the Mushroom Kingdom. The cartridge also included a port of Mario Bros., like the Super Mario Advance series. It was able to link up to the Super Mario Advance games for multiplayer. The game reused Mario's voice clips from Super Mario 64.

This game released in April 2014 on the Virtual Console along with Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi's Island for the Wii U.

An updated remake for the Nintendo 3DS known as Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions was released on October 6, 2017.


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The game begins at Peach's Castle where the Royal Beanbean ambassador (which was actually Fawful and Cackletta in disguise) were going to visit. Once there they stole Peach's voice, they replaced it with an explosive voice. Later Bowser came to the Castle, and so a Toad ran to Mario's house while Luigi was drying clothes. Eventually, he found him in the bathroom but quickly ran out in embarrassment. Then Mario wearing a bathrobe came out, jumped on Toad's head a couple of times and found out that something had happened to the Princess. After defeating Bowser, the Mario, Luigi, and Bowser were clueless on the catastrophe, along with the "princess" making an explosive explanation. Bowser then decides to help Mario out by letting him travel along in his Koopa Cruiser, and, thinking Luigi was signing up to be one of his (Bowser) minions, takes him (Luigi) up inside the Cruiser as well.

A while after the ship crosses the Beanbean/Mushroom Border, Cackletta appeared with Fawful who destroyed Koopa Cruiser. Mario, Luigi Bowser and his minions scattered across Stardust Fields. Mario and Luigi run into the Hammer Bros., and after a game of "Border Jump," they enter the Stardust Fields. They soon find Bowser, who's trapped in a cannon. They then meet Tolstar, the apparent king of the fields, who agrees to release Bowser for all of Mario's coins. Mario decided, but after finding out that Mario held Mushroom Kingdom coins, he had the Bros. find one hundred Beanbean coins. In the meantime the Bros met the Starshade Bros. who taught them how to use two Bros. Attacks (the High Jump and Spin Jump) and Bros. Attacks (the Splash Bros. and the Bounce Bros.) the After doing so, he then refused to help Bowser out of the cannon and fought Mario and Luigi in battle, and was quickly dispatched. Sergeant Starshade fired Bowser out of the cannon at him afterwards, sending them both flying.

The Bros. soon encounter a tunnel, which takes them to Hoohoo Village. The brothers quickly face several Beanbean Guards looking for Prince Peasley. The Beanbean guards accused Mario and Luigi of kidnapping Prince Peasley. However, a bandaged Tolstar states that they are the real Mario bros. They then let the brothers pass and continue their search, indicating that the perpetrator spoke of "fink-rats and mustard". The Mario brothers discover that Blablanadon, who gives people rides up to the summit of Hoohoo Mountain, has gone missing as well. They also see several people working on a bridge to the path to the summit. They try taking the lower path down to Beanbean Castle, but encounter Fawful who defeats a guard and blocks their way with a giant rock. They then head back and enter a house next to the Hoohooligans fix the bridge. It contains the Hammerhead Bros. who are trying to create a hammer. However, the rock they used wasn't strong enough. They said they could make a hammer if they have the Hoohoo Block. At this time repairs on the bridge finished so that the brothers could climb to the top. About halfway up, they met Hoohoorus who made them complete a challenge and defeat it battle before they could proceed. At the top, they met Blablanadon resting on an egg. He initially mistook them for thieves, after kicking a Hoohoo Block. The egg then hatched, where the Dragohoho appeared. It roared, knocking the Hoohoo Block into a waterfall, falling into Hammerhead Bros. house. The Dragohoho then attacked Blablanadon and the Mario Bros. After Mario and Luigi defeated it, the Dragohoho reverted into Prince Peasley.

Prince Peasley, grateful, hands over his rose to Mario and Luigi so that they can enter Beanbean Castle. He then flies off leaving Mario and Luigi to head back down to the Hammerhead Bros. house. The Hammerhead Bros. then create a couple of Hammers for Mario and Luigi so that they can clear the way down to Beanbean Castle. After fighting through enemies and enjoying a mine cart ride, Mario and Luigi arrive at Beanbean Castle Town where they find the town nearly destroyed. Mario and Luigi head for Beanbean Castle where a guard stops them. Fortunately, the Mario Bros. present Peasley Rose and the guard allows them to enter the Castle.

As Mario and Luigi entered the Castle, they find the Advisor sleeping.

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Out of battle

Individual Techniques

Button Move Character Position
A Button Jump, Hammer, Firebrand Mario Front
B Button Jump, Hammer, Firebrand Back
Hop on/off barrel
R Button Select Hammer, Jump, Firebrand, Hop on/off barrel Front
L Button Back
A Button Jump, Hammer, Thunderhand Luigi Front
B Button Back
R Button Select Hammer, Jump, Thunderhand Front
L Button Back

Bros. Techniques

Button(s) Move Character Position
B Button (2x) High Jump Luigi Back
Spin Jump Mario
B Button Luigi Dunk Luigi Front
Mini-Mario/Normal Mario
A Button Bounce Up Luigi Front

Battle Mechanics

Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga uses a style of battle mechanics that are similar to those in Paper Mario, however, with some more stats and perks. Each character has something similar to a speed stat. The brother with the highest speed strikes first. Each character also has Attack, Defense, and one more stat called "Stache". Stache is Mario or Luigi's luck of hitting a "Lucky" attack, which multiplies damage by two.

Regional differences



  • This is the first RPG in the Mario series to have Luigi playable, and just Mario and Luigi being the only playable allies.
  • This game goes back to earning experience points to level up rather than the Star Points from the Paper Mario games.
  • After a long hiatus, the Koopalings return in this game (with their last appearances being Yoshi's Safari).
  • Oddly, when Mario and Luigi use the Fire Dash ability (when Mario uses Firebrand on Luigi) and they crash into a big Koopa, the sound of the Mario Bros. running is still heard. However, this is a minor glitch and can be easily fixed just by leaving the current screen.
  • In the game, Toad is the first playable character (though, he is only played for a short time to get Mario).
  • This is one of the only two Mario & Luigi games where Mario and Luigi don't have a talking partner by their side assisting them at certain points (with the other being Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions). In Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, the talking partner is Stuffwell; in Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, the talking partner is Starlow, and Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, the talking partners are Starlow and Prince Dreambert. In Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam, Starlow returns as the partner.
  • This is the third time in a Mario game where the entire story turns out to be something different taking place. Meaning, in this game, the entire game was a movie being viewed by the Yoshi's at the Yoshi Theater. The first was Super Mario Bros. 2 where the entire game turns out to be Mario's dream and the second time was in Paper Mario where the entire plot was a story told by Mario to Luigi.
  • When this game is played on a Nintendo DS, the Y Button and X Button buttons do nothing at all, but when this game was released for Wii U Virtual Console, the Y Button and X Button buttons were reprogrammed to be alternate buttons for the bros. Y Button for the front bro. (or Mario in battle) and X Button for the back bro. (or Luigi in battle). This is also in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.
    • This has been removed from the remake as both buttons now have new purposes. Y Button is now used to switch between the brothers, Whenever they're separated, and X Button is used for Mario and Luigi to jump simultaneously.
  • An area of Stardust Fields is called "Area 64" which is referencing the Nintendo 64.