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Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam is a crossover game between the Mario & Luigi series and the Paper Mario series. It was released in Japan, Europe, and Australia in December 2015, North America on January 22, 2016, and in Korea on May 26, 2016.


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The story begins when Luigi accidentally knocks over a book found deep in Peach's Castle while attempting to fix a hole in the roof. This book happened to be holding the Paper Mario world within.

This ultimately releases the paper characters into the Mario & Luigi world, spreading across the Mushroom Kingdom. Bowser and Paper Bowser, despite some disagreements between one another, decide to team up, combine their armies and kidnap their respective Princess Peach.

After the crew make it to Bowser's castle, the bridge gets cut off. Then Mario, Luigi and Paper Mario get sent to the Twinsy Tropics Dungeon.

After returning to Peach's Castle, they realise that the princesses have been taken to the summit of Mount Brrr. When they make it there, the both Kameks take them back to Bowser's Castle.

When the crew makes it to the top of Bowser's Castle they realise the princesses have already escaped, but then both Bowser Juniors interrupt and battle Mario, Luigi and Paper Mario.

After the battle both Bowsers show up and transform the castle into Neo Bowser Castle. Then Mario and others return to Peach's Castle, where their next mission is to head to the summit of Mount Brr, where the castle is.

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Papercraft Characters

While these are not really characters, they are giant paper robots built by Toadette for the main characters use.



Mario & Luigi Series-Exclusive

Paper Mario Series-Exclusive

Papercraft Enemies


Mario & Luigi series

Paper Mario series

Papercraft Bosses

Special Attacks

Special Attacks return with their categorization dictated by user: Mario and Luigi use Bros. Attacks, while Paper Mario uses Trio Attacks. Once again, Special Attacks cost Special Points (BP).

Bros. Attacks

Bros. Attacks return with their system similar to Superstar Saga and Dream Team.

  • Mario: Mario tends to target a single foe for his Bros. Attacks.
    • 3D Red Shell -- Returning from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, this move has been unchanged, but now uses six hits instead of five, leading to seven (rather than eleven) kicks.
      • Special Cost: 4 BP
      • Ratings:
        • Bad: 1 kick. (Getting zero kicks cannot happen.)
        • Okay: 2 or 3 kicks.
        • Good: 4 kicks.
        • Great: 5 or 6 kicks. (The sixth kick deals no damage.)
        • Excellent: 7 kicks.
      • Target: Single (serial)
      • Obtained: Peach's Castle.
    • Rocket Blast -- A new Special Attack that replaces the Bye-Bye Cannon. Mario and Luigi fly high on the rocket above their target. Luigi then stomps a foe and then Mario stomps down with the rocket in his hands. Mario then has to guide the rocket towards his opponent and smack them with his hammer to complete the move.
      • Special Cost: 5 BP
      • Ratings:
        • Bad: Both bros. failed to stomp.
        • Okay: One bro. stomped properly.
        • Good: Mario stomped properly but struck the side of the enemy field.
        • Great: Either Luigi flubs his stomp but Mario strikes his target directly, or both Bros. get it but Mario strikes off target.
        • Excellent:: Both Bros. stomped correctly and Mario strikes his target directly.
      • Target: Single (Phase 1), All (Phase 2)
      • Obatined: Doop Doop Dunes
    • Bomb Derby -- Same as in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, except the bombs now deal fire damage to their target and the last bomb deals more damage.
      • Special Cost: 7 BP
      • Ratings:
        • Bad: 4 hits or less.
        • Okay: 5 to 7 hits.
        • Good: 8 or 9 hits.
        • Great: 10 or 11 hits.
        • Excellent: 12 hits.
      • Target: Single (generally), All (if the target died)
      • Obtained: Gloomy Woods
    • Cannonball Chuck -- Mario throws a cannonball north toward the battlefield, and Luigi must direct it towards the target enemy. This replaces the Jet-Board Bash.
      • Special Cost: 9 BP
      • Ratings:
        • Bad: You missed.
        • Okay: You struck the battlefield's ground.
        • Good: You struck an enemy from the side.
        • Great: You swooped down on the wrong foe, or you failed to strike the target.
        • Excellent: You swooped down on the correct foe.
      • Target: Single*
      • Obtained: Doop Doop Dunes (Nabbit Multiplication Mission)
    • Toad Trail -- Mario and Luigi ride the Toad Trail north and bowl towards their target. This replaces the Zee Egg.
      • Special Cost: 12 BP
      • Ratings:
        • Bad: You missed.
        • Okay: You went slowly.
        • Good: You went decently quick, but not that quick.
        • Great: You went super fast, but struck the wrong enemy, or you failed to strike properly.
        • Excellent: You went super fast and struck the correct target properly.
      • Target: Single*
      • Obtained: Mount Brr (After the trio defeats King Bob-omb.)
  • Luigi:
    • Fire Flower -- Same as in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. This replaces the 3D Green Shell.
      • Special Cost: 4 BP
      • Ratings:
        • Bad: Utterly wrong.
        • Okay: 10 or less fireballs.
        • Good: 11 to 16 fireballs.
        • Great: 17 to 20 fireballs.
        • Excellent: 20 fireballs plus at least 10 fireballs during the second phase.
      • Target: All (random)
      • Obtained: Peach's Castle.
    • Drill Shell -- Mario and Luigi jump high above their target while Luigi wears a drill-like helmet that covers his head. Mario must dunk Luigi down on the foe and then Luigi has to grind his foe up to deal damage. The fire flower originally took this move's spot in Dream Team.
      • Special Cost: 5 BP
      • Ratings: The requirements below are just the criterias.
        • Bad: Completely missed.
        • Okay: Indirect hit.
        • Good:
          • Direct hit scenario: 0 hits.
          • Indirect hit scenario: 10 hits.
        • Great:
          • Direct hit scenario: 10 hits.
          • Indirect hit scenario: 20 hits.
        • Excellent:
          • Direct hit scenario: 20 hits.
          • Inderict hit scenario: Impossible.
      • Target: Single
      • Obtained: Doop Doop Dunes.
    • Dropchopper -- Same as in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
      • Special Cost: 7 BP
      • Ratings:
        • Bad: Completely missed or landed on Spiny target.
        • Okay: 1 second to spare, then stomp.
        • Good: 2 seconds to spare, then stomp.
        • Great: 3 seconds to spare, then stomp.
        • Excellent: 4 seconds to spare, then stomp.
      • Target: Choose
      • Obtained: Doop Doop Dunes (road to Mount Brrr)
    • Balloon Blast -- Mario and Luigi inflate Balloons with pumps that are similar to a see-saw. Press their respective buttons to inflate the balloon. It will grow more the higher the Bro. is. For an Excellent rating, the balloon must be so big that the top of the screen cuts its top part out of view. This replaces the Slingsniper.
      • Special Cost: 9 BP
      • Ratings:
        • Bad: 40% required size or less.
        • Okay: 40 to 70% required size.
        • Good: 70 to 90% required size.
        • Great: 90 to 100% required size.
        • Excellent: 100+% required size.
      • Target: All (random)
      • Obtained: Gloomy Woods (Skyjinks with Nabbit mission)
    • Mega Thwonk -- Luigi grows to his maximum size by consuming a Mega Mushroom and must head toward hits target. Near the end, press A to strike. Mario must stomp their target into the ground. This replaces the Star Rocket.
      • Special Cost: 12 BP
      • Ratings:
        • Bad: No stomps
        • Okay: 1 stomp
        • Good: 2 stomps
        • Great: 3 stomps
        • Excellent: 4 stomps or target dies.
      • Target: All (phase 1), Single (phase 2)
      • Obtained: Neo Bowser Castle.

Trio Attacks (Paper Mario)

  • Trio Racket -- Mario, Luigi, and Paper Mario play racquetball with their enemies plastered on the background wall as targets.
    • Special Cost: 6 BP
    • Ratings:
      • Bad: 1 or 2 hits
      • Okay: 3 to 5 hits
      • Good: 6 or 7 hits
      • Great: 8 or 9 hits
      • Excellent: 10 hits
    • Target: Single (generally)
    • Obtained: Sunbeam Plains
  • Trio Kite -- Mario, Luigi, and Paper Mario strap their target on a giant kite and fly it high. Paper Mario must then strike the target with his hammer.
    • Special Cost: 8 BP
    • Ratings:
      • Bad: Missed.
      • Okay: 800 meters or less.
      • Good: 800 to 1,200 meters.
      • Great: 1,200 to 1,400 meters.
      • Excellent: 1,400 meters or higher.
    • Target: Single
    • Obtained: Doop Doop Dunes
  • Trio Whirligig -- Paper Mario warps his body to form a propeller and the Bros. ride him down to strike their target.
    • Special Cost: 11
    • Ratings:
      • Bad: No enemies caught.
      • Okay: One stomp.
      • Good: Two stomps.
      • Great: Three stomps.
      • Excellent: 4 stomps.
    • Target: All (choose)
    • Obtained: Mount Brrr
  • Trio Shuriken -- Paper Mario warps his body to form a shuriken and the Mario brothers throw him toward the enemies. Press Y to have Paper Mario shred his target, dealing more damage as he tears through.
    • Special Cost: 13
    • Ratings:
      • Bad: Missed.
      • Okay: 1 or 2 hits.
      • Good: 3 or 4 hits.
      • Great: 5 or 6 hits.
      • Excellent: Strike with the large shuriken.
    • Target: All
    • Obtained: Peach's Castle (Defeat Bowser Jr. beforehand.)
  • Trio Meteor -- Paper Mario and the Mario brothers ride meteors down to smash their target.
    • Special Cost: 15
    • Ratings:
      • Bad: Missed.
      • Okay: 1 hit.
      • Good: 2 hits.
      • Great: 3 hits.
      • Excellent: 4 hits.
    • Target: Choose
    • Obtained: Collect all Paper Toads to unlock this move.


  • Bomb Derby: If a bomb kills the target, the remaining bombs will strike random targets.
  • Cannonball Chuck: The target is actually Choose, but the selected target must be struck for an Excellent rating.
  • Toad Trail: Ditto from Cannonball Chuck.
  • Trio Racket: Ditto from Bomb Derby.

Names in Other Languages

Language / Region: Name: Meaning:
Japan (マリオ&ルイージRPG ペーパーマリオMIX)

Mario & ruīji RPG Pēpā Mario MIX

Mario & Luigi RPG Paper Mario MIX
Europe/Australia Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros.



  • This is the first Mario game to feature a crossover of two different Mario series.
  • This game is considered a combination of Dream Team and Sticker Star.
  • This game has achieved several milestones:
    • This is the fifth Mario & Luigi game.
    • This is the second Mario & Luigi game for the Nintendo 3DS.
    • This is the second Mario & Luigi game, where two Bowsers from different times and dimensions appear in the same game. The first was Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, where Bowser encountered his younger self.
    • This is Petey Piranha's second time in a Mario & Luigi game. His other appearance was in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time.
    • This is the second time in a Mario & Luigi game where three characters are playable (as Mario, Luigi, and Paper Mario). The first was in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story (as Mario, Luigi, and Bowser).
    • This is the tenth Mario RPG.
  • This is the first RPG in the Mario series to feature no save blocks. The player can save whenever he or she wants to.
  • This is the first game in the Mario series where each of the Koopalings are given extended dialogue, rather than their usual grunts and roars.
  • This is the second Mario game to feature Petey Piranha as the first major boss. The first time was in Super Mario Sunshine.
  • This is the second time Bowser teams up with himself from a different time and universe. The first time was in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, where he teamed up with his younger self.
  • During the point at Gloomy Woods, where King Boo kidnapped the Marios, Luigi is left in a scared state. This first happened in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga where Luigi was too afraid to go to Guffawha Ruins, due to being told there is a monster there.
  • Starlow breaks the fourth wall by saying Luigi had a whole year dedicated to him (the Year of Luigi) and mentioning that they are in a RPG.
  • This is the first Mario game since Mario Kart DS where King Boo and King Bob-omb appeared together as bosses. This is also their first appearance in a Mario RPG.
  • This is the first Mario & Luigi game where the first fight in the game isn't against a boss. Although it is a tutorial battle, it's against a couple of Goombas.
  • This is the first Mario & Luigi game where the entire plot doesn't revolve around collecting certain key items.
  • This is the first (and so far only) Mario & Luigi game where the Beanish species doesn't appear at all. This is also the first Mario & Luigi game not to feature Toadsworth, the Bonus Level-Up Roulette, and the spin jump.

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