This page is a MarioWiki essay.
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Squrill nut.png Page in a nutshell: Understanding what MarioWiki is not, you may understand what MarioWiki expects for the community.

MarioWiki is not represented as a Poison Mushroom.

MarioWiki is a Super Mario encyclopedia. Like Wikipedia, the encyclopedia is still growing, and it does not mean you must chat more than edit on the wiki when there is room to contribute. Below are thoughts to consider what MarioWiki is not.

MarioWiki is not fan fiction

MarioWiki does not host fan fiction. If you want to write your own fanfiction, go to Super Mario Fanon and Fantendo unless you add fan fiction to your user page and user page only. MarioWiki aims to add relevant information based on facts.

MarioWiki is not a private messaging site

MarioWiki is never a site to talk privately. Anybody can see your messages and intrude your conversations. Users may take several discussions to be offensive or inappropriate. Please do not use this wiki to have private communications.

MarioWiki is not a forum hosting site

MarioWiki is not a site where you talk more than edit. MarioWiki encourages users to socialise, but in the majority, MarioWiki has a heavy-duty of fixing articles.

Majority of users pay more attention to talking on threads or discussions rather than edit on MarioWiki. It is not problematic, but if you are one of the users who hardly edit articles but talks on forums, it shows you are not helping MarioWiki grow.

MarioWiki is not complete

Every wiki including MarioWiki is never complete. There will always be upcoming games. There are still incomplete stubs, links that have not been created and articles in need of improvement. We expect every user to contribute to the wiki to the best of their ability, even if they are prone to mistakes, admins may remind them.

MarioWiki is not vandalism-free

MarioWiki is not a site where you can vandalise articles. Our community will not tolerate vandalism, spam, troll or any other inappropriate content. If you are one of the users do does any these actions, prepared to be warned and blocked.

MarioWiki is not a personal profile

MarioWiki is not a place where you can just only edit your user page. It is not all problematic, as the community would love to hear about you! But you must also help with editing and creating articles, or you are not helping MarioWiki grow.