This page is part of the MarioWiki policies or guidelines.
GoombellaTTYD.png The community accepted the policy/guideline to be added to the wiki. Users can follow this to understand what the community's expectations.
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The following rules govern what users may or may not do on this site. Refusal to follow these rules could result in a warning and consequently a block. These rules are subject to change, and users should check here often.

Personal Image Policy

Each user is allowed up to two personal images. A personal image is defined as an image that serves no purpose other than for the uploader or other users, usually residing in the User: namespace. Personal images should be kept clean, and by this, no offensive material, such as pornography. If sighted, you are likely to be blocked without warning. All images uploaded for the sole purpose of being in your userspace must include your username in the following format: File:User - USERNAME.file extension.. In addition, if more than two personal images have been uploaded, the user will have to have one deleted. If, however, the image is worked into an article, it will no longer count as a personal image.

External Link Policy

Offensive external links are forbidden. Instead, if links are to be added to the article, they should be topic-related and/or important. Images can be linked from external websites, but cannot be directly transcluded. Doing so will result in a block.


Users of Mario Wiki need to keep a friendly and collaborative atmosphere. In order to keep this maintained, please refrain from making derogatory comments directed at other members. Failure to comply is likely to result in a block.

Mini modding

Mini modding is when a user tries to act like a staff member when they are not. This rule is to prevent users who are not staff members from abusing power which result to scaring users away. Instead of mini-modding, the user must address to a staff member about the problem and give them proof. The staff members are responsible for fixing the problem.

Sysop Rights

System operators (SysOps) have the right to warn members who have broken one of the rules. Warnings given should comply with the code in regard to flaming and should be kept polite. Sysops have the right to block another user, but only after consulting another sysop about the situation.

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