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Want to be a superstar like Mario? Read the requirements! Have you met the expectations?

MarioWiki:Requests for bureaucrat is the page for discussing requests for adminship. Instructions are below.

New Requests

To start, use the form below to create your request. Replace the words "USERNAME" with your name and click "Submit". In the next screen, fill out your form then paste it under "Current Requests" below.

A list of bureaucrats can be found here.


If you would like to be a bureaucrat, then the requirements are as following:

  • At least 5,000 mainspace edits. Edits that are mainly made on threads, comments, or user pages will not count.
  • Have been on the wiki for at least a year.
  • Must explain why do they want to be a bureaucrat and how will they help out more.
  • Must have a clean block record for a year.
  • Must be an administrator for a year.
  • The request form must be informative and explain why you want to become a bureaucrat and how you will help out more.

Promoted bureaucrats will have their username link colored red and will have a red border around their user avatar, and will have the user tag, SUPERSTAR.

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