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MarioWiki:Requests for adminship is the page for discussing requests for adminship. Instructions are below.

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Current Requests

Wattz2000 (administrator/bureaucrat)

ends May 20, 2013

Hello, MarioWiki. : ) It's me, that guy who did stuff and now doesn't. : P Well, I aim to make that "doesn't," a "didn't." In other words, want back in the game so-to-speak. I feel that my leaving was kinda a bad move, this place needs an admin, and per RR's recent messages, he's leaving. : / SO, to start off this official RfA for his replacement, I would like to make a formal apology to the editors of the wiki for leaving. From the time I left, I was in an emotional rut in which I was kicked out of a group of friends, lost some personal acquaintances, was swamped with schoolwork, and lost my father on the first. : / With all of that, I simply could not edit, however, they say the best thing to do when you lose someone is to keep busy. I am very sorry for leaving the wiki the way I did, just too much sentimental value to this place to ever let it go. So, I have been trying to reengage myself in a wiki-reform. : P It's not that I want the rights, it's that I simply want to make sure the wiki gets a suitable replacement for its head bureaucrat. And now to show what I've done to deserve a position:

  • MarioWiki is the wiki I have the most edits on, being 16,347.
  • I have been editing Wikia since January of 2011, and have since made great friends even on this very wiki.
  • I have helped extensively in adding in articles when I first began.
  • I did a great deal of work re-categorizing articles, as well as licensing a very large sum of our images.
  • In this year, I worked on a large amount of our stub articles trying to get us to our spotlight, and sadly, I was one of the maybe 2 or 3 doing so at that time.
  • I am experienced in the ways of the wiki : P (I do not use RTE, I use Monobook, I run a bot active on other wikis, I have been an admin on nearly a dozen other wikis, and I know how to css stuff : P)
  • I have helped push forums and other aspects of the wiki's advertising and global image.
  • I was a trusted administrator here at MarioWiki for about 17 1/2 months, and in a good amount of that time, was a bureaucrat.
  • During my time of administrator, I cleaned the wiki up with deletions, licensing, categorizing, and some minor rewordings here and there at least once every week or other week from the last time I did it.
  • I know many of the users here and have befriended some of them from time to time, and I do try to gain some good relations with them.. Though RR will be leaving soon, it's sad to say we'll lose one of our best. You're gonna be missed, man.

Now, I may not be the best with words, but I will say that I'm qualified and that I should at least be an applicant for RR's replacement. Like I said, you will be missed, RR. It's tough to not edit around here anymore, and life's boring. : P So, I thought "what the hell," it might be time I came back, and I'm hopefully going to get better soon and with that edit soon. Thank you for your time, MarioWiki. The Puzzle Master 10:59, May 13, 2013 (UTC)


Support Support Obviously yes. --Rainbowroad6w, the researcher. (Talk)(GCWaves YouTube channel) 20:05, May 13, 2013 (UTC)
Support Support You did the job before, you can do the job now. DangerousDangerously 01:08, May 14, 2013 (UTC)


Oppose Oppose Throw the "you're being biased" comments, whatever. But I'm actually doing this with sound mind and knowing that from what he has put in place, not just off-wiki but even in comments below, that he isn't suited. When you removed your rights, your reasoning was I'm sorry... but I can't be here at this time. And as shown in the comments below and from interacting with you after the passing of your father, you still allowed emotions to get the best of you. A big thing is that sometimes you do not listen. You very often wiki when in a bad place of mind. If you couldn't be here administrating the wiki last month, considering all that's been happening this month, I don't think you'd be able to take the task back on. And separating work from play also comes in in this case. DangerousDangerously 17:02, May 16, 2013 (UTC)



Obviously you don't know how life is when you lose someone close, do you? At the time I resigned, I was undergoing deep stress from both school and "friends," but the driving force of my resignation was the sentimental value of this place -- I love it. The problem with my resignation was that is was abrupt and unnoticed (I wasn't all that active at that time). Starting today, school's over. I was removed from those who I had thought were friends. And per what I don't know how many people tell me a good coping strategy keeping busy is, I can only try to work my hardest in what free time I have left. But regardless, you aren't using that "sound mind" either, you're using just as much feeling as I am here. The only issue with the whole "you can't let your emotions drive you" thing is simply that you need emotions to actually allow you to progress on something. You say I don't listen, but you don't either, or else probably, this situation wouldn't be happening. At all. Sometimes being on-wiki when in a bad state of mind works, and once again, I'm not the only one... The Puzzle Master 22:48, May 16, 2013 (UTC)

I've lost multiple people close to me, so don't try to claim that. DangerousDangerously 22:55, May 16, 2013 (UTC)
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