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Current Requests

Wattz2000 (administrator/bureaucrat)

ends May 20, 2013

Hello, MarioWiki. : ) It's me, that guy who did stuff and now doesn't. : P Well, I aim to make that "doesn't," a "didn't." In other words, want back in the game so-to-speak. I feel that my leaving was kinda a bad move, this place needs an admin, and per RR's recent messages, he's leaving. : / SO, to start off this official RfA for his replacement, I would like to make a formal apology to the editors of the wiki for leaving. From the time I left, I was in an emotional rut in which I was kicked out of a group of friends, lost some personal acquaintances, was swamped with schoolwork, and lost my father on the first. : / With all of that, I simply could not edit, however, they say the best thing to do when you lose someone is to keep busy. I am very sorry for leaving the wiki the way I did, just too much sentimental value to this place to ever let it go. So, I have been trying to reengage myself in a wiki-reform. : P It's not that I want the rights, it's that I simply want to make sure the wiki gets a suitable replacement for its head bureaucrat. And now to show what I've done to deserve a position:

  • MarioWiki is the wiki I have the most edits on, being 16,347.
  • I have been editing Wikia since January of 2011, and have since made great friends even on this very wiki.
  • I have helped extensively in adding in articles when I first began.
  • I did a great deal of work re-categorizing articles, as well as licensing a very large sum of our images.
  • In this year, I worked on a large amount of our stub articles trying to get us to our spotlight, and sadly, I was one of the maybe 2 or 3 doing so at that time.
  • I am experienced in the ways of the wiki : P (I do not use RTE, I use Monobook, I run a bot active on other wikis, I have been an admin on nearly a dozen other wikis, and I know how to css stuff : P)
  • I have helped push forums and other aspects of the wiki's advertising and global image.
  • I was a trusted administrator here at MarioWiki for about 17 1/2 months, and in a good amount of that time, was a bureaucrat.
  • During my time of administrator, I cleaned the wiki up with deletions, licensing, categorizing, and some minor rewordings here and there at least once every week or other week from the last time I did it.
  • I know many of the users here and have befriended some of them from time to time, and I do try to gain some good relations with them.. Though RR will be leaving soon, it's sad to say we'll lose one of our best. You're gonna be missed, man.

Now, I may not be the best with words, but I will say that I'm qualified and that I should at least be an applicant for RR's replacement. Like I said, you will be missed, RR. It's tough to not edit around here anymore, and life's boring. : P So, I thought "what the hell," it might be time I came back, and I'm hopefully going to get better soon and with that edit soon. Thank you for your time, MarioWiki. The Puzzle Master 10:59, May 13, 2013 (UTC)


Support Support Obviously yes. --Rainbowroad6w, the researcher. (Talk)(GCWaves YouTube channel) 20:05, May 13, 2013 (UTC)
Support Support You did the job before, you can do the job now. DangerousDangerously 01:08, May 14, 2013 (UTC)


Oppose Oppose Throw the "you're being biased" comments, whatever. But I'm actually doing this with sound mind and knowing that from what he has put in place, not just off-wiki but even in comments below, that he isn't suited. When you removed your rights, your reasoning was I'm sorry... but I can't be here at this time. And as shown in the comments below and from interacting with you after the passing of your father, you still allowed emotions to get the best of you. A big thing is that sometimes you do not listen. You very often wiki when in a bad place of mind. If you couldn't be here administrating the wiki last month, considering all that's been happening this month, I don't think you'd be able to take the task back on. And separating work from play also comes in in this case. DangerousDangerously 17:02, May 16, 2013 (UTC)



Obviously you don't know how life is when you lose someone close, do you? At the time I resigned, I was undergoing deep stress from both school and "friends," but the driving force of my resignation was the sentimental value of this place -- I love it. The problem with my resignation was that is was abrupt and unnoticed (I wasn't all that active at that time). Starting today, school's over. I was removed from those who I had thought were friends. And per what I don't know how many people tell me a good coping strategy keeping busy is, I can only try to work my hardest in what free time I have left. But regardless, you aren't using that "sound mind" either, you're using just as much feeling as I am here. The only issue with the whole "you can't let your emotions drive you" thing is simply that you need emotions to actually allow you to progress on something. You say I don't listen, but you don't either, or else probably, this situation wouldn't be happening. At all. Sometimes being on-wiki when in a bad state of mind works, and once again, I'm not the only one... The Puzzle Master 22:48, May 16, 2013 (UTC)

I've lost multiple people close to me, so don't try to claim that. DangerousDangerously 22:55, May 16, 2013 (UTC)

DangerousDangerously (administrator/bureaucrat)

Ends May 20, 2013
DangerousDangerously · Talk · Contributions/Contributions · Edit Count/Edit Count

I started officially started editing MarioWiki on August 28, 2010 where I was a "red link remover". In short, I was a stupid noob and thought that red links were bad and gave the wiki a bad look. I served a one month block for harassment, but I'm not sure what I had done. I came back on December 23, 2010, where I sent a message to Count Caterpie apologizing for my actions.

I have had altercations with a few users in the past. I was an immature, self-absorbed, fourteen year old brat. I definitely am far better than I was when I first started editing Wikia as a whole. I have bad mouthed this wiki and others that I edit The reason I have done that is because occasionally I get very frustrated when I work hard on something and it results in it getting messed up or something that I wasn't expecting to happen happens. Honestly, it's pretty frustrating.

I was a previous administrator here. When Count Caterpie had first started leaving, he left me with administrator rights. At the time when I decided to remove my rights, it was October 16, 2011. I had removed the rights because while I had the rights I was always being asked to delete this and protect that and block whoever. Another reason I removed my rights is because I was a stupid teenager. Long story short I was in a relationship with a guy who was not a fan of my use of the internet. I was also spending a lot more time hanging out with said before and being a stupid teenager.

I still get some rough times, but I've come a long way from where I was before. With RR leaving, it would be beneficial to the wiki to have an admin in place when he leaves. And since one admin may not always be on, it helps to have more than one. I'm requesting bureaucrat rights as well because I don't believe in the whole "head admin" thing, but I do believe that more than one admin is needed at times.

Regards, DangerousDangerously


Support Support --Rainbowroad6w, the researcher. (Talk)(GCWaves YouTube channel) 03:01, May 14, 2013 (UTC)
Support Support I have no reason not to support. Your attitude has come a long way from what I've seen, but I do worry at times about your judgment, but I can see improvements here, too. Good luck. The Puzzle Master 18:16, May 14, 2013 (UTC)


Oppose Oppose Per off-wiki matters, as well as in regards to your history and relations with other users here, I have reason to say that I fear for your judgment as admin. The Puzzle Master 02:07, May 16, 2013 (UTC)



I think it's safe to say that she has matured in her weak areas; mainly respect and temper. Honestly I think she is up for it. Though honestly I do feel a bit iffy about her being bureaucrat. --Rainbowroad6w, the researcher. (Talk)(GCWaves YouTube channel) 05:11, May 16, 2013 (UTC)

See, I don't mean to talk crap about her, but there's these times where she really doesn't seem matured. RR, how much do you talk to her? Maybe being at the wheel of adminship, maybe her attitude would be better, but per being with her in so many channels, I can say that she has impaired judgment (as well as raging out at random times) in regards to a lot of people, and because of that, she can make for a tense job as admin. I changed my vote to an oppose because of something she did last night, completely ragequitting on me, including her saying she'd "cut off interaction." when I was only trying to defend my case about wanting to help her. She becomes insensitive toward others, and seems to have issues handling/acknowledging opposing opinions/reasons. I've known her for almost 2 1/2 years, and was in a relationship with her for a good while, I know her and I don't want to be harsh and not let her have this adminship -- I really do want her to have it if she wants it -- but like I said, maybe being an admin might change her attitude. We need all the help we can get, I just worry. The Puzzle Master 10:28, May 16, 2013 (UTC)
Off-wiki matters are exactly that. I do a great job at Pokémon Wiki, and if you fear that I'm going to freak out at you because of what happened last night, then you are being 100% biased. I didn't ragequit, I said I was doing for me, if you can't handle someone doing something for themselves than maybe you're the one not fit for an administrative position. You're being biased right now, and there's no way you can wiggle around it, you opposed because I didn't want to talk to you anymore. This oppose is you letting your emotions speak for you. And frankly, it's pretty sad. You've proved in your explanation that this is a purely emotional vote. I'm at a better place than I was when I was an administrator here last time, if you think that I'm not fit to be an admin considering what I go through, you need to take a step back and realize that you're currently in a different place than you were when you were last admin, and if anyone's emotions make them not fit for the job, than it would be your emotions. Maybe you need to take a longer wiki-break, because it doesn't seem like it helped you much. DangerousDangerously 11:09, May 16, 2013 (UTC)
If you think you do a great job at Pokémon wiki, here's some stuff to do. I'm not going to lie, but you are very insensitive. You don't care how others feel more than half the time. But that's only part of the issue. It's true that I've gone through a lot the past few months (in order of losing an unfaithful girlfriend, being betrayed by friends, struggling financing, losing my father, and some little girl who just who's too stubborn to let a grudge die) but you don't know what goes through my mind and why certain actions are taken, what I contemplate all the time, why I really need someone there. What really makes you think that this is an emotional opposition? It's true that you frustrate me, but that doesn't make this biased. I'm only going off of past experiences with you and how you act elsewhere. My opposition was initially going to be a neutral because of this, and I wanted to be nice and give you a support, but you went ahead and did what you did last night, proving my ideas of you not able to hold things together very long. I like how you subsequently tell me that I shouldn't be an admin now and that you're implying I need "help." But thank you, btw, for making me feel more of a burden than I already knew I was. : D The Puzzle Master 12:05, May 16, 2013 (UTC)
In all the cases you've listed at Pokémon Wiki, they are all things I've been looking into at fixing them but have not had the time the past few days because of Mother's Day, my sister's early birthday, and the 14. I have let the grudge die, and I was doing for myself by removing the problem that has been causing me stress and negative feelings that I have had, and by removing the problem, I had to remove you. I am able to hold things together, and for far longer than you know. I did for myself by removing the problem that was you and you causing me stress and far more emotions than I needed to start healing. Not to mention you also stated But thank you, btw, for making me feel more of a burden than I already knew I was., which is letting your emotions get into the way. DangerousDangerously 14:20, May 16, 2013 (UTC)

Ok guys. If anything either of you are saying is true about each other, here's my input:

Wattz, although you are indeed denying it, if your emotions are seriously taking control of you, you need to get ahold of yourself. Again, if it's not true (and you are indeed denying it), then great. But administrators canNOT let their emotions get ahold of them ever. It is already an issue to let that happen as a normal human being and also a user on Wikia, and I know this because I've witnessed it with Conker's Bad Fur Day, who pretty much would always hit himself and demote himself because one person accused him of something, even if it wasn't that big of a deal. So if any of what Jazzi is saying is indeed true, that needs to be changed.

Jazzi, on the other hand, I have noticed that you are very apathetic about everything and everyone. I have this issue a little as well, but I think you may take it a little too far and you have in fact ragequit on things in the past, which is completely inappropriate. If you are continuing to do so, that is no attitude that an administrator should have, more so a bureaucrat. You also denied having this trait, but again, if it is indeed true, it needs to stop. New users and other users and even other administrators want respect and they do not like to be have someone being aggressive toward them and not caring about what they think and feel. If you've ever been bullied, you know how it feels.

There is honestly a balance between both of your issues. You do not want to let your emotions take hold of you, but you do want to take into consideration what others say and you want to be calm and understanding. At the same time, you don't want to be too harsh, but you do need to take admin responsibility and not be too soft on anything. Not too hard, but not too soft. There's a balance.

Both of you are constantly accusing each other of being totally biased. If you two are going to have this attitude, then I do not feel safe about leaving the wiki in BOTH of your hands. I will not stand to see arguments like this between two administrators who are supposed to be running the site. MarioWiki will lose its good reputation if you two continue to argue so aggressively over stuff like this. Have you ever seen Sonic Fanon Wiki? The place is, for one, pretty darn stupid, and for two, the admins there are very biased, very harsh, and just want power. Because of this, Sonic Fanon Wiki has gained a very bad reputation, and some sites that make jokes about other websites have even noted the site and joked about how awful its admins are. I never want to see that here; that was never my vision and I'm sure it isn't what anybody wants to see.

If we even want to come remotely close to competing with Super Mario Wiki (right now, I'll be honest, we are failing miserably), then we need to have good admins, a good community, and good articles. And, from experience and from what I've witnessed, the better the admins, the better the community. The two sort of go hand in hand. I mean, for Lord's sake, the admins are running the site and are the head of the community, so what do ya think? :)

--Rainbowroad6w, the researcher. (Talk)(GCWaves YouTube channel) 14:37, May 16, 2013 (UTC)

RR, it was not a ragequit. I was removing a negative aspect from my life. I care far more than people think I do, and I'm not always aggressive, I'm considerably less aggressive than I used to be. I'm very aware that I am apathetic, but it's a part of my life that is going to be fixed when something bigger gets fixed. There is reason behind my apathetic behavior, but it's not needed to drag onto the wiki. DangerousDangerously 17:02, May 16, 2013 (UTC)

Well then, don't let it drag onto the wiki. And I wasn't straight-out accusing you of being highly apathetic or anything, but I decided to sort of talk about it for a few seconds just in case you do indeed have an issue. In the past, you have had those type of issues, so there was a slight bit of curiosity to whether or not you ever got over that trait. --Rainbowroad6w, the researcher. (Talk)(GCWaves YouTube channel) 19:57, May 16, 2013 (UTC)

I'm very glad you're stepping in here, and I am really glad to see that passion for the wiki's future in you, RR (and I do appreciate that you, a neutral yet important party, got involved). The issue here is kinda what you said in that neither of us are fit with our emotions (which imo is because she never talks about issues and I'm too paranoid and cautious about everything), and there is an issue on what others say and even how sensitive we are around each other. We both have had experience as admin, and we both are qualified, you know that. I think that forcing us both work together would be a step toward us making up some for some of our feuding, but I don't know if that may cause collateral damage or not. Per my own ideology though, one of the best ways to fix this is to just lock us both in a room and let us kill each other by talking out everything (kinda like what she and I tried to do a few weeks ago with a couple of Community Central chat people). But regardless, I don't want any of us to have to go or just let the wiki be alone or turn to crap because of our feuding. The Puzzle Master 22:48, May 16, 2013 (UTC)
I have every reason to not talk about my issues. So please, don't drag that here. DangerousDangerously 22:55, May 16, 2013 (UTC)
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