The proposals page is currently closed at the moment. Stay tuned as we will be working on the page.
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This is the MarioWiki proposal page, MarioWiki likes users to voice their opinion and wants every user to be satisfied. We will find way to improve the website once the form is approved. The proposal must meet the consensus, a general agreement. Anybody can create a proposal for MarioWiki.


  • Put your response on the section of the article.
  • The proposal must be sensible.
  • The proposal will last for a week.
    • All votes excluding the nominator will be counted.
  • To vote for the proposal, use {{support}}, {{oppose}} and {{comment}} before your response.
    • Reason why you support or oppose.
  • Use clean language when voting and do not censor words. Bad words or censored words will be removed.
  • Everyone is entitled to opinions, talk fairly if you disagree or agree.
  • Do not reply on the "Results" section, that is where administrators respond to the results.
  • Add signature with four tildes.

Voting system

  1. User creates the proposal.
  2. The proposal lasts for three days. Users read the proposal and vote support, neutral or oppose. Votes of users who edited more than 500 mainspace articles will be counted.
  3. If the proposal becomes successful, the majority of the administrators will vote. If there are more supporting votes of admins, the proposal becomes viable.


Name Link Date Support Support Neutral Neutral Oppose Oppose Result Status
Derekblue1 Article draft template 05-13-2020 3 0 0 Successful Active
LuigiMaster41 Adding a portal slider to the main page 05-12-2020 3 0 1 Successful Active
Derekblue1 Infoboxes' default color 05-02-2020 0 1 2 Unsuccessful Inactive
LuigiMaster41 Customizing infobox themes 04-28-2020 5 2 0 Unsuccessful Inactive
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