This page is a MarioWiki essay.
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Squrill nut.png Page in a nutshell: Do not be hostile to newcomers. Users that were once newcomers should treat newcomers the way they want themselves treated (or the way they wish to be treated).

Hey! Don't you dare bite the newcomer! You are going to scare him away!

MarioWiki strives to grow the community through regular editors and newcomers. They also want newcomers to get to know our community. Everyone on the community were once newcomers and we welcome the current newcomers.

Please do not bite newcomers

  • Do not disparage newcomers by calling them "sockpuppets" or "meatpuppets".
  • If a new editor made a small mistake, correct it yourself; but do not slam the new editor.
  • When giving advice to the user, speak in a normal tone. Do not make the newcomer feel that he/she needs to win your approval and trust, in order to be welcomed to the club.
  • Newcomers forget to sign after their comment on talk pages. You can make reminders less annoying by placing {{Unsigned}} next to their comment.

How to avoid being a biter

  1. Consider on what to say.
    1. Avoid using intensifiers. (i.e. dumb, stupid, annoying, bad)
    2. Avoid sarcasm towards users on comments and when editing.
  2. Moderate your wording and approach.
  3. To assume good faith is to understand that they are trying to help.
  4. Choose to consider that you also make the same mistakes as them. Remember "Nobody is perfect."
  5. Actively listen to the user.
  6. Relax

If you have been bitten

  1. Choose to learn from the incident.
  2. Apologize if you had been bitten.
  3. Be reasonable. Explain why you felt offended.
  4. Move on!