Squrill nut Page in a nutshell: This page shows the article structure and how person pages are supposed to be written.

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The Manual of Style's Person page will provide layout on how the person articles should be done. The page will break down each heading to help you understand what information must be placed there. If you have any questions, feel free to ask on the talk page.


  • Any heading can go here.
  • Trivia (optional)
  • References (optional)
  • See also:
  • External links


This section is where you can add {{Icon}} and {{Youmay}} before the infobox. {{Q}} can go after the infobox. You can add {{Infobox Person}} from the preload templates on Source Editor. After the infobox, you can summarise the person's career and life. The name of the person must be bold.
Any heading can go here.
Depending on the person's career, place headings that may be appropriate for the article.
Add facts that may not fit in either of the headings above, but appeal to the reader. They must be listed with asterisks.
If the articles have citations. You can only add {{Reflist}}.
See also
List related or similar articles by using asterisks.
External links
Add links that link to the same page on Fandom wikis or outside Fandom. Add links if the person has official social media. The links must be listed with asterisks. (ex. [[w:c:papermario:Mario|Mario on Paper Mario Wiki.]])
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