Squrill nut.png Page in a nutshell: This page shows the article structure and how item and object pages are supposed to be written.

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MarioWiki provides a layout for item and object articles to help follow the MarioWiki:Manual of style.


  • Description
  • In <insert game here> (optional if not using Appearances)
  • Appearances (optional)
  • Other appearances (optional)
  • Non-canon appearances (optional)
  • Chronology (optional)
  • Behind the scenes (optional)
    • Creation and development (optional)
    • Voice actors (optional)
    • Etymology (optional)
  • Real-world influences (optional)
    • In pop culture (optional)
    • Reception (optional)
  • Trivia (optional)
  • Gallery (optional)
  • References (optional)
  • See also: (optional)
  • External links


This section is where you can add {{Icon}} and {{Youmay}} before the infobox. {{Q}} can go after the infobox. You can add {{Infobox Item}} from the preload templates on Source Editor. After the infobox, you can summarise what the item is and its first appearance. The name of the item must be bold. If it is possible to add the Japanese name of the item, use {{Nihongo}}.
Overall description about the item.
Non-canon appearances
Add this heading if the item appeared in games that are not from Mario, Donkey Kong, Yoshi or Wario series. Super Smash Bros. is an exception due to the game not within Mario series's storyline. It may be better if the series they appeared are separated into full headings. It is important to describe their role in each game. Additionally, add {{noncanon}} and {{endnoncanon}} between their non-canon appearances.
May be optional to add this heading unless the item made multiple video game appearances. {{Gameappearancelist}} will be used for video game items.
May be optional to add this heading unless the article is about an item that appeared in video games or has video game statistics. {{Data-table}} will only be used for video game items.
Behind the scenes
Creation and development
Describe the item's creation and development. If the item has a concept artwork, you may mention it.
Write about the possible origin of the item's name. Mention how the name origin connects to the item. If the item's name does not have an origin, do not add this subheading.
Real-world influences
In pop culture
Describe how the item connects to modern society.
Describe different reviews on the item.
Add facts that may not fit in either of the headings above, but appeal to the reader. They must be listed with asterisks.
Add a gallery to the page or {{Gallery Link}} to the article.
If the articles have citations. You can only add {{Reflist}}.
See also
List related or similar articles by using asterisks.
External links
Add links that link to the same page on Fandom wikis or outside Fandom. The links must be listed with asterisks. (ex. [[w:c:papermario:Mario|Mario on Paper Mario Wiki.]])