This page is part of the MarioWiki policies or guidelines.
GoombellaTTYD The community accepted the policy/guideline to be added to the wiki. Users can follow this to understand what the community's expectations.
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This page is official policy involving all files uploaded to this website. This includes but not limited to images and videos. Some parts of this page are being decided on.


  • Make sure you are not uploading a duplicate file. If you want to upload a newer version, please do so with the older version's file name. Example: Luigi.jpg is 25x25, a 50x50 version must be uploaded as Luigi.jpg. Note that filename and extension are case sensitive, so uploading a file called "SMB. JPG" will not overwrite "SMB. jpg".
  • Please use a descriptive file name. Bad file names include "IMG014251.jpg" and "Super Mario Galaxy.jpg". Good file names for these could be "Luigi (Mario Party 8). jpg" and "Super Mario Galaxy Box Art. jpg"
  • Indicate the location of the image, such as the website you took the image from.
  • Select the image's license. Screenshots and artwork of the Mario series are copyrighted by Nintendo, making them being used under fair use. Images must be properly licensed.
  • No pornography, offensive files, or inappropriate files of any sort. Only administrators have the right to make the distinction as to what is deemed appropriate and what is not.

Personal Files

Personal files are allowed to be uploaded, but must be appropriate. They must also be correctly licensed. If the file was found on another website, the source must be listed, and in some cases, the permission of the copyright holder must be obtained.


You are allowed to upload any avatar you'd like, providing it's not offensive in any way, isn't pornographic, and is otherwise reasonable. Administrators can delete avatars like any other image, but unless the avatar is obviously offensive or pornographic, you will be notified on your talk page before any action is taken.

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Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page.

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