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MarioWiki is about all of Nintendo's Mario games, and the characters that appear in them. We started on July 15, 2007. We have a total of 9,250 articles related to the Mario series and the games.

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On 2007, Phil.e. founded MarioWiki.


Due to the lack of active administrators, Phil.e. promoted TheMG and Count Caterpie as administrators. On September 23, MarioWiki reached its 450th article: Mario Party DS.


MarioWiki had a new custom Monaco skin. It reached its 500th article: Rainbow Ride. With edits building up fast, MarioWiki reached its 650th article: Boo's Mansion. Launchballer requested to become an administrator, but users opposed it. However, the wiki did not need more administrators. TheMG requested to become a bureaucrat. As a result, users supported his request and CatherineMunro promoted him into a bureaucrat.


Launchballer requested to become a rollback for MarioWiki, thus the community supported it. TheMG promoted Launchballer into becoming an rollback.


MarioWiki had its new logo. Users continued to help the community reaching 2,500 articles. Overall, users were promoted and they resigned from their positions.


MarioWiki editors progressed their edits to its 3,000th article: Pink Apple. Conker's Bad Fur Day was promoted into an administrator while Wattz2000 promoted into a bureaucrat. ZeoSpark joined MarioWiki on September 21; he noticed many fanon pages and was willing to help the wiki. After his huge help as an editor, he signed up to become an administrator of MarioWiki. However, users rejected his request, and did not "need another admin".


The wiki staff became inactive with Wattz2000 as the last editor. Recent users were not helping the wiki by spamming images on pages. ZeoSpark was aware of it and requested the adoption to the Community Central. ZeoSpark created a blog post about adopting the wiki. Merrystar gave administrator and bureaucrat rights to ZeoSpark. As a result, the wiki started from scratch with previous staff resigning from their positions. Additionally, MarioWiki reached 4,000 articles and ZeoSpark revived the The Glitz Pit.


Lumoshi, Dreb607 and JosephTheElite were elected to be the staff of MarioWiki.


Dimentio99 became an administrator while the wiki reached 5,000 articles.


On 2017, Derekblue1 and CoolKarim became administrators of MarioWiki. MarioWiki reached 6,000 articles. MarioWiki connects to the Mario Multilanguage Wiki, a Discord server that is "home to the users of the wikis of different languages".


MarioWiki reached over 7,000 articles.


Derekblue1 updated the wiki with new portable infoboxes and then changed it in a few months. Additionally, the WAM (Wiki Activity Monitor) log was added to the wiki to keep track of the wiki's activity. Derekblue1 became a bureaucrat while CoolKarim resigned from his position and LuigMaster41 became an administrator. RB1196 became a content moderator, but retired on September. Awyman13 is a full-time wiki manager who joined MarioWiki to assist MarioWiki. While the page creation progress took more than a year, MarioWiki reached 8,000 articles.


MarioWiki has a new Good articles page, giving opportunities to articles with limited information to be recognised. On April 29, Derekblue1 and LuigiMaster41 worked together to create a template, Rescuestar. It would compliment users who worked hard to contribute to MarioWiki. On May 11, Derekblue1 recently added the social media page to "NintendoVS", a community with MarioWiki, Splatoon Wiki and ARMS Wiki. On May 25, Derekblue1 stepped down on his bureaucrat position and is now an administrator on MarioWiki.

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