Mario's Time Machine is an educational/learning game developed by The Software Toolworks and distributed by Nintendo, for NES, SNES, and PC.

Game title screen.


The game starts with this dialogue: It's time, my cunning Koopas, to use the time machine and steal the most valuable artifacts that history has to offer... Mario, my collection is almost complete... and there's not a thing that you can do to stop me! Bowser's museum is inside his castle... I have to get in there and return all the stolen artifacts before history is changed forever... At last, Bowser's castle! I'll show that no good reptile! He can't mess with history as long as I'm around to set things right! The greatest collection of ALL time is nearly complete, and it's all mine! No one can stop me now... ...not even Mario! After the dialogue, you need to travel to Cambridge.


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