Manta Rings is an underwater mini-game that appears in Mario Party 4.


The characters are situated in the depths of the ocean, and will be accompanied by a Manta Ray. The characters will follow the Manta Ray, who will produce bubble-like rings from his tail. The objective of the mini-game is for the player to swim through the rings produced by the Manta Ray. The clear colored rings are worth one point, while the golden rings are worth three points. Only one character will be able to swim through a single ring at time. The ocean is also filled with various underwater Mario characters. If a character crashes into one of these enemies, they will lose points depending on the enemy. A Blooper will cause a one point deduction, Sushi will cause a two point deduction, and the Unagi will cause a three point deduction. The characters that collect the most rings at the end of the mini-game will win.


  • GCN Stick - Move
  • GCN A - Repeatedly to swim forward.
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