The Mansion Steward is a character that appears in Paper Mario: Sticker Star.


The Mansion Steward is a Paper Magenta Toad. He also speaks in a very polite manner.


The Mansion Steward is first seen sitting outside of his mansion shivering in the cold. He tells Mario that many "terrors" have been released into his mansion from the Book of Sealing. He gets Mario to help him and gives him the Book and Mario heads inside. After Mario captures 99 Boos, he heads back outside and finds and defeats the very last Boo which has hiding in the Steward's fireplace. The Mansion Steward is seen once again after Mario finally gets rid of all of the Boos and gracefully thanks Mario for his help and allows him to come back anytime. The Mansion Steward is seen one last time after Mario completes Whiteout Valley. Mario talks with the original owner of the mansion and then the Mansion Steward hands Mario a HP-Up Heart.

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