The Mandibug Stack is a mini-boss in Super Mario Galaxy, confronted in Honeyhive Galaxy, fought at the top of the tower in the star "Trouble on the Tower". It is later encountered in Super Mario Galaxy 2 located in Puzzle Plank Galaxy on the star "The Puzzling Picture Block". It is a large Mandibug carrying a smaller Mandibug.


Super Mario Galaxy

It is first encountered in the Honeyhive Galaxy at the end of the star "Trouble on the Tower" at the top of the tower. It attacks by charging towards Mario until it reaches a ledge, in which it will crawl backwards to the center of the arena. It can be defeated by ground pounds. If the smaller Mandibug is defeated, the larger Mandibug is angered and will move faster. If the bigger one is ground pounded, it explodes and releases a Power Star.

Super Mario Galaxy 2

The Mandibug Stack reappears in Super Mario Galaxy 2, only appearing in Puzzle Plank Galaxy in the star "The Puzzling Picture Block. It appears after the player fixed the final planet that resembles a Mandibug. It drops from the air. Like with the previous Super Mario Galaxy installment, it uses the same attack stratedgy.


  • It may be the servant of Bugaboom as he is the boss who is fought before Bugaboom.
  • His way of attack is similar to the original Mandibug, but it turns angry.

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