Mandibugs are a common enemy first appeared in the Honeyhive Galaxy and can also be found in Honeyclimb Galaxy. They also appear in Super Mario Galaxy 2 in the Puzzle Plank Galaxy. They are lead by their leader Bugaboom.


When they see Mario approaching they run in a straight line towards Mario, trying to run into him and bite him. Their attacks can be easily avoided by running to the side. To defeat them, Mario must ground pound on top of them. In both games there is a special Mandibug. That Mandibug has a smaller Mandibug on the top of it which is protecting the big Mandibug. That means you have to defeat the smaller Mandibug first and then defeat the big one. After that a star will be revealed.


The name "mandibug" is a transfusion of "mandible" - the scientific name for the jaw - and from "bug".