Super Mario RPG Statistics: Manager
The Manager's sprite.
Location(s) The Factory
Health Points (HP) 800
Attack 170
Defense 110
Magic Attack 60
Magic Defense 70
Weaknesses None
Psychopath Message "25 years of working, sigh."
Dropped Coins 0
Experience Points 0

The Manager is a minor boss that appears in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. He is the second-to-weakest member of the Smithy Gang and works in The Factory.


In battle, the Manager attacks mainly with physical attacks as his only special move is Spritz Bomb.


The Manager doesn't have any weaknesses but his magic defense is rather low so Mario's team should stick to magic attacks until he is defeated.

Special Attacks


  • His Psychopath thought is interesting as he stated he has been working for 25 years. This can be implied that the Smithy Gang has been around for that long before attempting to conquer Mario's world.
  • The Manager resembles the Director except the Director is red in color.
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