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Mallow is one of the main playable characters in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. He is the main offensive magic user within Mario's party.


Physical description[]

Mallow is a Nimbus, a cloud-based species residing mainly in Nimbus Land. He wears blue and white shorts with pink shoes.

Powers and abilities[]

Mallow is gifted with weather-based offensive and defensive magical spells. Mallow's offensive spells allow him to shock or freeze his opponents. Outside of battle, Mallow can generate rain when he is crying, something that he can also do as an infant, according to Frogfucius. In battle, Mallow can be equipped with items such as punching gloves, sticks and cymbals.

While he can deal enough damage with his offensive special moves, he does not fare as well with the main attack.

Special Moves[]

  • Thunderbolt: Mallow's first special move that doesn't require any leveling up to learn. This move uses 2 FP to use and is one of Mallow's best moves in the game. Mallow is able to strike all enemies on the screen with thunder-based damage. This move is very effective against fire enemies such as Shysters.
  • HP Rain: Learned at Level 3. With this technique, Mallow can have a cloud that heals one of the party characters moderately through rain. Unlike Princess Toadstool's healing techniques, it does not cure characters from disfavorable statuses.
  • Psychopath: Learned at Level 6. It allows to know the HP of enemies and bosses, and if used with timed hits, their thoughts,
  • Shocker: Learned at Level 10. It consists on a big bolt that is more potent than Thunderbolt, but it can only hit a single enemy.
  • Snowy: Learned at Level 14
  • Star Rain: Learned at Level 18

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Ghostt Spoiler warning : Don't you even dare read the spoiler! Because if you do… Hoo hoo hoo hoo hoooooo… A horrible fate awaits you.

When Mallow was a baby, he was lost by his parents and floated away down a river. Mallow was eventually found by Frogfucius, a frog residing in Tadpole Pond. Feeling bad for the young Nimbus, Frogfucius decided to adopt Mallow and raise him on his own. Over the years, Mallow then started to call Frogfucius "Grandpa" and is saddened to hear that he isn't related to Frogfucius. Even so, Mallow still calls Frogfucius by "Grandpa" and the elderly frog has no problems with this. Mallow then sets out with Mario to find out who his real parents are.

It is later revealed that Mallow is of royalty and is actually Prince Mallow of Nimbus Land, his parents being King Nimbus and Queen Nimbus. After driving out the power-hungry enemy Valentina and foiling her plan to pass Dodo off as the long lost Prince, order is restored to Nimbus Land. After Smithy has been defeated once and for all, Mallow returns to Nimbus Land to help rule over the Nimbus alongside his parents.

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In Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars[]

MallowScene SMRPG

Mallow and Mario encounter Croco in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

Mario first meets Mallow when Mallow had his Rare Frog Coin, which Frogfucius gave to him to buy him a Cricket Pie, stolen by Croco. Mallow breaks into tears and immediately a rainstorm drenched the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario, having witnessed this, agreed to help Mallow recover his stolen coin. The two track Croco down to Bandit's Way, where they defeat him in a battle and receive the Rare Frog Coin.

However, upon returning to the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario and Mallow find it under the control of Mack. After they defeat Mack in Mushroom Castle, the two of them travel through Kero Sewers. After a little trouble with the monster Belome, the two adventurers meet Mallow's grandfather, Frogfucius at Tadpole Pond.

It is during this meeting with Frogfucius that Mallow learns that he, in actuality, is not a tadpole. Mallow cries again, and the weather changes to rain. The actual backstory is that one stormy night, Frogfucius found Mallow drifting down a river and decided to raise him as his own. After learning this, Mallow decides to go journeying with Mario, hoping to discover his real parents and home.

Eventually, Mallow and Mario arrive at Nimbus Land, a city in the clouds whose inhabitants are Nimbus, the same species as Mallow. Mario and Mallow also arrive on time for a royal proclamation, the return of the long-lost Prince Mallow, except the one introduced is an overweight toucan named Dodo, who proposes to Valentina. Mallow obliviously stated that it was interesting that a prince had the same name as him.

In the studio of Garro, Mario and Mallow find what appears to be a statue of Mallow. Garro explains that the statue is of Nimbus Land's present king as a child. Garro turns around, realizing that Mallow was the real missing prince and that Dodo is an impostor. With Garro's help, Mario and Mallow infiltrate Nimbus Castle and defeat both Valentina and Dodo, freeing both King Nimbus and Queen Nimbus, Mallow's real parents.

Following a tearful reunion with his parents, Mallow decides to continue with Mario and his party for the rest of their journey. With Mallow's new royal title, Mario's group is given permission to access Barrel Volcano.

Mallow is last seen during the ending, presenting himself to the inhabitants of Nimbus Land. Mallow is dressed in a crown and cape, indicating that he is officially recognized as the prince.


  • As Mario attempts to rush into battle with Bowyer, Mallow states, "Who do you think you are? Bruce Lee?" to him. This is a rare example of a real life person to be referenced in the Mario franchise. It should be noted that this isn't what Mallow said in the Japanese version and is more of a localization joke.
  • 20 years later after Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars's release, another character named Mallow appeared in Pokémon Sun and Moon.