Mallow is a playable character that appears in the game Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. He is one of the main playable characters in the game and is the main offensive magic user of the group.


Physical description

Mallow is a Nimbus, a cloud-based race residing mainly in Nimbus Land. He wears blue and white shorts with pink shoes.

Powers and abilities

Mallow is gifted with weather-based offensive and defensive magical spells. Outside of battle, Mallow can generate rain when he is crying. He can even do this when he is a mere infant as stated by Frogfucius. In battle, Mallow can be equipped with items such as punching gloves, sticks and cymbals.

Special Moves

  • Thunderbolt: Mallow's first special move that doesn't require any leveling up to learn. This move uses 2 FP to use and is one of Mallow's best moves in the game. Mallow is able to strike all enemies on the screen with thunder-based damage. This move is very effective against fire enemies such as Shysters.


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When Mallow was a baby, he was lost by his parents and floated away down a river. Mallow was eventually found by Frogfucius, a frog residing in Tadpole Pond. Feeling bad for the young Nimbus, Frogfucius decided to adopt Mallow and raise him on his own. Over the years, Mallow then started to call Frogfucius "Grandpa" and is saddened to hear that he isn't related to Frogfucius. Even so, Mallow still calls Frogfucius by "Grandpa" and the elderly frog has no problems with this. Mallow then sets out with Mario to find out who his real parents are.

It is later revealed that Mallow is of royalty and is actually Prince Mallow of Nimbus Land, his parents being King Nimbus and Queen Nimbus. After driving out the power-hungry enemy Valentina and foiling her plan to pass Dodo off as the long lost Prince, order is restored to Nimbus Land. After Smithy has been defeated once and for all, Mallow returns to Nimbus Land to help rule over the Nimbus alongside his parents.

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  • As Mario attempts to rush into battle with Bowyer, Mallow states, "Who do you think you are? Bruce Lee?" to him. This is a rare example of a real life person to be referenced in the Mario franchise. It should be noted that this isn't what Mallow said in the Japanese version and is more of a localization joke.
  • Mallow was currently the only character in the Nintendo Universe to have the name "Mallow", but 20 years later, another character named Mallow appeared in Pokemon Sun and Moon.