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The Best Fitness Friends merged monster form holding Malatone Formula:X.

Malatone Formula:X is a item that only appears in Bowser Jr.'s Journey. It was made by Kaley & Dieter by combining Skeletone Forumla:D & a Malodorous Fibban. It has the ability to turn victims hostile. was first used on Morton, to turn him against Bowser Jr. & Kamek.


Malatone Formula:X only appears in Bowser Jr.'s Journey. It looks like Skeletone Formula:D but with a purple-and-green color scheme. Dieter and Kaley of the Best Fitness Friends created the item in order to brainwash any minion that eats it, giving them a purplish aura and extra power. Its effects are so powerful it even sways a Koopaling (Morton) to Fawful's side.


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