Major Burrows is a boss in Super Mario Galaxy that appears in the Gusty Garden Galaxy. He must be fought when Mario finds him chasing a Space Rabbit on a planet in the "The Dirty Tricks of Major Burrows" level.


Super Mario Galaxy

Major Burrows is the only boss that appears in the galaxy. Reaching his planet is straightforward and very similar to the first level in the galaxy. Mario can only defeat this big, bad mole by Ground Pounding on the ground to make him jump out of the dirt and Star - Spinning on him three or four times. The first time you can initiate almost immediately, because Major Burrows is distracted by chasing the Space Rabbit. After that, on the second and third (and fourth) times, the boss gets angry and chases Mario, instead. When Major Burrows gets close to Mario, his spiky head will emerge from the ground, when that happens, immediately use a Ground-Pound that will make him jump out but back in. But if you try again, Major Burrows will flee, where you must Star - Spin him again (but if you're too slow, he'll jump back into the ground and chase after Mario again). After Major Burrows is defeated, the chased Space Rabbit will thank Mario and give him a Power Star. To make this battle easier, there is 6-Life Mushroom you can find and use.

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Major Burrows returns in Super Mario Galaxy 2 as the third boss in the Boss Blitz Galaxy. Unlike last time however, he isn't seen chasing a frightened Star Bunny this time.

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