Magnus Von Grapple 2.0 was built by Lord Crump, and is the boss of Chapter 7 in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. It is also an upgraded version of the Magnus von Grapple.


He is virtually the same as before, but with stronger attacks, a black paint, paper like limbs and large spikes on the mecha's fists. It also as the number 2 on his chest plate.


2.0 possess many strong attacks this time in its arsenal definitely making it one of the strongest and most difficult bosses to defeat especially having 70 HP.

  • Drill Attack: 2.0 flies straight up from its position and flies down right onto both Mario and his opponent dealing damage. This attack is pretty tough to guard against due to the speed.
  • Fist Rockets 2.0: Like it's original counterpart, 2.0 can launch it's fist rockets will then attack Mario and his team if they don't take them out. 2.0 uses this attack a lot.
  • Audience Cannon: This is definitely 2.0's most strongest attack. 2.0 flies into the audience and sucks them up. Then he fires them all at Mario or his Partner dealing 3 damage for it's every 10 hits. That's a devastating 30 damage if this attack is't blocked correctly. The Audience Cannon is not only 2.0's strongest attack, but it is by far the strongest move period in the entire Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door even more than Shadow Queen's Dark Wave attack and Bone Tail's Megabreath.


2.0 is very tough to deal with especially with his damage dealing Audience Cannon attack. Koops is a good choice since his move can protect Mario from the attack. With the fist rockets, Mario should easily take them down with a single Multibounce and continue to Power Smash 2.0 until he is defeated. Just be careful as 2.0's Drill Attack can sometimes flip Koops on his back.


Magnus Von Grapple

Magnus Von Grapple

Magnus Von PUNISH!!!

Magnus Von PUNISH


  • Magnus 2.0 is one of few bosses that can be actually frozen (though the stage must be the one to do it).
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