Magnus von Grapple is a robot that is built by Lord Crump and serves as the boss of Chapter 2 in the game Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.


Lord Crump attempted to destroy and escape from The Great Tree but was stopped by the Puni Elder. Knowing he has no choice to fight Mario, Lord Crump gets into his Magnus von Grapple robot and fights him. Eventually, the Magnus von Grappe was defeated and Lord Crump and the rest of the X-Nauts were forced to flee from The Great Tree.

Later in the game, he upgrades the Magnus von Grapple into the Magnus von Grapple 2.0.


In battle, he mainly attacks with the Magnus Von Punish (a stomping attack that causes 2 damage), Flying X-Fists (his fists fly into the air; power of 4, 2 HP each), and making an earthquake (cause 2 damage).


It is recommended to have Flurrie for this boss battle as she can use her Gale Force move to blow away the X-Fists without a problem. Mario should stick to Power Smashes until the Magnus von Grapple falls.


Magnus Von Grapple

Magnus Von Grapple

Magnus Von PUNISH!!!

Magnus Von PUNISH


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