Magma Mine is the penultimate board in story mode from Mario Party 9 and is considered one of the hardest boards in the game. The reason for this is after you have gone past the fort the magma will start rising 2 spaces every turn but this can be sped up if someone lands on a plus magma space which comes in +2, +3 and +4, if this happens instead of rising 2 spaces it will rise 2 spaces plus the amount on the space, for example if someone lands on a +3 space it will rise 5 spaces instead of 2 spaces and if the magma catches the vehicle the captain will lose half their mini stars. Another reason why this is tough is because you will face 1 other person, Shy Guy and Kamek. if either Kamek or Shy Guy win they will return the mini stars to Bowser and you will have to do the board map again. The 2 bosses you will face here are Spike at the fort and Chain Chomp beyond the Bowser Gate. Clearing this will result in you getting to Bowser Station. This is the final board availabe at the start of the game in party mode.

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