The Magikruiser is a lightweight bike in the game Mario Kart Wii. It is unlocked by having 8 recorded Time Trial times.


It is in the shape of a Magikoopa, which is a wizard Koopa Troopa. The hull of the bike is the cape of the Magikoopa.


The bike is somewhat fast, with small weight, but good acceleration, handling, and the best off-road in the game. The drift is quite low, depending on what character you are. The mini-turbo is average, and the back of the bike is a scepter for an engine exhaust.

  • Speed - 50%
  • Weight - 40%
  • Acceleration - 55%
  • Handling - 60%
  • Drift - 35%
  • Off-Road - 85%
  • Mini Turbo - 55%


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