Magikoopa Mob is a Special Attack that Bowser uses in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. It requires Bowser 15 SP to use. It involves having Magikoopas line up in many designs: curves, L's, horizontal lines, vertical lines, etc. The player has to use the Stylus to trace their position so Bowser can throw fireballs on the Magikoopas, which they then re-use to attack every opponent with their wands. When the wand has a yellow spark over it, Bowser will throw a fireball on it. If all the Magikoopas' wands are touched, they will create more damage than four or three of them alone. After about four times, the Magikoopas will walk off the stage, exhausted. To use this move, Bowser must free all the Magikoopas from Peach's Castle.

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