Magical Seeds are different-colored items found in Paper Mario.


There are only four Bub-ulbs in this game, and each of them has one of the Magical Seeds. You give the four magical seeds to Minh T., the flower planter in Toad Town. Minh T. plants the four magical seeds to grow four different flowers, which magically creates the door to Flower Fields.

The four locations of the Bub-ulbs and Magical Seeds are:

  • Toad Town: There is a Bub-ulb near Tayce T.'s house that will give you a Magical Seed.
  • Mt. Rugged: There is a gap with a Bub-ulb in Mt. Rugged before you see Buzzar. Mario needs Parakarry to carry him to the space with the Bub-ulb in it, who will give you a Magical Seed.
  • Magicalseedteal
    Forever Forest: In the second main area of Forever Forest, there is a Bub-ulb that will give you a Magical Seed.
  • Jade Jungle: There is a Bub-ulb on a small island that you need Sushie to reach. The Magical Seed is not ready yet, so the Bub-ulb will promise you the Magical Seed when it is ready. However, after you beat Lava Piranha, you find out the Bub-ulb gave the Magical Seed to Kolorado. A treasure chest with the Volcano Vase inside flies out when the volcano erupts, and the only way Kolorado will give you the seed is if you give him the Volcano Vase. Once Mario has the vase, you can trade for the Magical Seed.
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