The Magic Lamp is an item that appears in Mario Party series.


The Magic Lamp debuted in Mario Party 2 as a rare item that the characters could either purchased from the Item Shops, or win in an Item mini-game. When a character uses the Magic Lamp, a Mushroom Genie will appear out of the lamp and ask the character to ride on his back. The genie will then take the character to the nearest Star Space. Even though the genie takes the player to the star space, they must still pay the twenty coin fee for the star. The item returns in the next two Mario Party games and shares the same effect.

In Mario Party 3, there was a counterpart of the Magic Lamp: the Lucky Lamp. Instead of taking the player to the star, it changed the star's location. This item continued until Mario Party 5, where it was replaced by the Wiggler Capsule. It costs 30 coins in Mario Party 2 and Mario Party 4, but it is cheaper in Mario Party 3 at 20 coins.