Madame Mirage is one of the bosses in Mario Tennis Aces and has the title "Mirror Queen", as she owns the Mirage Mansion. She is the second boss and guards a stone that powers Lucien in the Royal Chamber, where Mario fights her in his attempt to grab the stone.

Physical Appearance

Madame Mirage is a giant mirror with a golden frame. Her frame has the appearance of a crown on the top of her head. Her face looks similar to a masquerade mask and eminates a ghastly pinkish aura. Her body also has purple aura around it. Two smaller mirrors with golden frames serve as her hands.


Madame Mirage shoots out tennis balls at Mario, and when he hits them back, she uses her mirrors to act as a portal so she can shoot the ball again. When Mario has sent the ball back at her enough times, her mirrors are turned around and she is unable to send the ball back. During this moment, Mario must use a zone shot to hit Madame Mirage's mirror. When hit, Madame Mirage will lift objects around the room and try to use them to hit Mario. Mario can trick shot over the objects to avoid them. When Mario tries to use the zone shot again, Madame Mirage will use objects as a shield and protect her mirror. However, Mario can shoot through gaps in the shield or hit an object, destroying part of the shield. Mario must hit Madame Mirage's mirror three times in order to defeat her.


  • Because of Madame Mirage's ghostly features, she might be a ghost inhabiting a mirror instead of being a mirror herself.
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