"What's this?! You say you need to repair some silly old airship?! Why, I could never part with any of my precious Power Moons! It sounds to me like someone wants to be a snack for my adorable Chain Chompikins!"
― Madame Broode

Madame Broode is the ruler of Rabbit Ridge on the Dark Side and the secondary antagonist in Super Mario Odyssey. Her underlings are the Broodals. She is fought first in the Cascade Kingdom after Mario makes his way to the top of the falls and later in the Moon Kingdom en route to the wedding hall.


Madame Broode is an obese female rabbit who wears a red dress. She has blue hair and a red hat similar to Pauline's. Chain Chompikins is a golden Chain Chomp who acts as Madame Broode's pet, and his chain is gold and ends in a handle which she uses to drag him around.


Cascade Kingdom

In the fight, Madame Broode attacks Mario with Chain Chompikins, which the plumber has to control with Cappy. When Chompikins is controlled, Madame Broode tries to catch him with her hand, getting tired after she performs a few swipes. The player should then move away from her and pull Chain Chompikins to wind up, then release to send the unfortunate Chain Chomp flying at her face to score a hit.

Then, she uses Chain Chompikins as a yo-yo. After a while or when she gets hit by Mario using Cappy on Chain Chompikins, she uses him as a yo-yo once again.

By sending Chain Chompikins flying at her, Mario scores the next hit. After each hit, they drop sixteen coins; and after the third hit, they are defeated, disappear in a cloud of smoke, and leave behind a Multi Moon which adds three Power Moons to the player's total.

Madame Broode, the second boss

Moon Kingdom

Madame Broode is fought a second time in Honeylune Ridge, where she attacks Mario out of revenge for his defeat of all the Broodals. This time, Chain Chompikins wears three top hats on top of his head, five in the last phase and Madame Broode attacks more when Mario takes control of the chomp, but the fight is otherwise unchanged.


  • Madame Broode is the only Broodal that cannot be stomped on at all. Instead, Mario has to take control of something (Chain Chompikins) and use that to smack her face.
    • She is thus one of three bosses whose allies must be captured in order for their weakness to be exposed. The others are Knucklotec and Dauphin Mollusque-Lanceur.
  • Madame Broode was most certainly inspired by Madam MeowMeow from Link's Awakening who also shares a special affection to one of her similar pet, BowWow; both womens like to boast how adorable their pets are and both like to dress them in special fashions.