Macho Grubba

Macho Grubba is a boss that appears in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. He is the alternate form of Grubba after he used the Crystal Star to power himself up.


Macho Grubba is a very large, orange Clubba. He has spiky yellow hair and a spiny purple shell. Due to his large size, his green shirt is completey ripped from his body and his black jacket extends only to his arms. However, he still has his bow tie and he also has a tendency to say "MACHO!!!" during his fights.



Macho Grubba is a very unique boss: He has the ability to make himself attack twice during the same turn. However, he is always improving his other stats (such as Attack and Defense) before his actual attack. In other words, Macho Grubba has a wide variety of attacks.

  • Double Chance: Macho Grubba always uses this attack (especially at the start of the battle). This gives him the ability to attack twice in a row.
  • Attack Up: Macho Grubba raises his attack to deal more damage.
  • Defense Up: Macho Grubba raises his defense to lessen the damage delt to him.
  • Evasion Up: Macho Grubba raises his evasiveness to have Mario's attacks sometimes miss on him. Unlike the other power-ups, Macho Grubba uses this one less often.
  • Stomp: One of Macho Grubba's offensive attacks. Macho Grubba leaps into the air then slams down on his opponent dealing heavy damage.
  • Running Punch: Macho Grubba's most used attack. He raises his fist and runs offscreen. Then he charges with his Punch attacking both Mario and his partner. This attack can be difficult to block due to the speed Macho Grubba is going.


Because of his tendency to raise his stats, there is a pretty random way to defeating Macho Grubba. Since he has the ability to raise his defense. Yoshi should stay out of this battle and also Goombella as they only deal 1 point of damage in each of their attacks at this point. Flurrie is definitely the best choice due to her high HP and Lip Lock technique. It's best to have Mario keep using Power Smash while Flurrie utilizes Body Slams. Whenever Macho Grubba raises his evasion (again, this is pretty rare for him to do), Mario should take the time to heal or use any moves that don't waste any Flower Points. Macho Grubba has a massive 60 HP, but he'll go down easily and quickly with the right amount of attacks.





  • Macho Grubba's battle theme is one of the most popular themes of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door along with Rawk Hawk's theme.
  • Macho Grubba is very similar to Tubba Blubba from the original Paper Mario as they are both large Clubbas that serve as the main boss of Chapter 3 in their games.
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