"I'm late, so late, I must make haste!"
― MIPS - Super Mario 64

MIPS is a yellow rabbit first appearing Super Mario 64. He lives in the basement of Princess Peach's Castle and runs away when Mario approaches him. However, if Mario catches him, when he has 15 Power Stars, he receives a secret Power Star. This can be repeated again after Mario receives 50 Power Stars. In Super Mario 64 DS, there are various of rabbits remodeled after MIPS, found through the castle inside and outside, and they give up keys to minigames. There are 7 multicolored ones for each character, yellow for Yoshi, pink for Mario, green for Luigi, and orange for Wario, for a whole total of 28 rabbits. Since Yoshi has to open the key to the castle at the beginning to start the adventure, there are 8 rabbits instead of the regular 7. There are also 8 glowing rabbits, which randomly take the place of the normal rabbits, and catching all of them unlocks the key with the white door in the character Room, containing a secret Power Star. Two of Mario's, one of Wario's, and one of Yoshi's rabbits can be found in the same location as MIPS was found in the original game.

In Mario Party 3, multiple rabbits similar in appearance to MIPS make cameo appearances among the woodland creatures of the Woody Woods board.


  • MIPS is named after the MIPS architecture. The NEC VR4300, a microprocessor derived from this, was the basis of the Nintendo 64's CPU.
  • MIPS's manner of speaking is a reference to the White Rabbit from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, and many of his quotes are paraphrased versions of things said by this rabbit.
  • MIPS, along with Mario himself, were the first characters created for what would become Super Mario 64. He was originally used in early beta testing but was liked so much by the programmers that he made it into the final game. [1]
  • A glitch involving MIPS is that when Mario picks up MIPS goes near a door and throws him at the door, two things might happen. Mario will be transported behind the door or Mario will be stuck in a wall.
  • In Super Mario 64 DS, two of Mario's, one of Yoshi's, and one of Wario's rabbits are found the same place as MIPS was in the original game.
  • If Mario, Luigi, Wario, or Yoshi try to eat/grab the rabbits again, they tell them to leave them alone, unlike the N64 version.


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