"you lose"
― ballyhoo's gibberish quote

MC Ballyhoo and Big Top are the main hosts of Mario Party 8.

MC Ballyhoo

MC Ballyhoo is an eccentric owner, teacher, and host of the annual Star Carnival. He has a weird little head when the hat, Big Top, is not on him. The head is green with glowing, yellow eyes.

Big Top

Big Top is MC Ballyhoo's talking hat. He serves as his co-host in the Wii game Mario Party 8. Big Top not only has the ability of speech but also has a mind of its own. Big Top also pops a propeller out of his head when Ballyhoo must take flight. The top of his head can open up, so things can be stored inside of him.

He is used to store things, such as: coins, Coin Bags (Chump Charity), Tic-Tac Balls (Tic-Tac-Drop), Star Rod (end of Star Battle), Year's supply of Candy on a platform (beginning of Star Battle), and Mallet (partway through Flip-out Frenzy).

Trophy Information from Super Smash Bros. Brawl

MC Ballyhoo and Bigtop cameo as a collectible trophy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The Trophy states:

Ballyhoo and Big Top Trophy - Super Smash Bros. Brawl.png

"The two emcees of the Star Carnival, an event held once a year to determine the biggest superstar. Big Top (on top) and Ballyhoo (on bottom) provide all Star Carnival commentary, and while Ballyhoo is energetic and over the top, Big Top provides a reserved counterpoint to his partner's antics. Despite their conflicting personalities, they're inseparable. Wii, Mario Party 8"

The Trophy can be unlocked in the challenge section by unlocking 75 or more songs for My Music.