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"Hey! Ho! If you need to know anything about Prankster Comets, I'm your Luma!"
― Lumacomete, Super Mario Galaxy

The Lumacomete (コメットチコ Kometto Chiko?) , also known as Comet Tico, is a Hungry Luma. It is a minor character that only appeared in Super Mario Galaxy.


Physical appearance

The Lumacomete is a gradient purple-colored Hungry Luma.

Personality traits

The Lumacomete is always hungry for Star Bits.

Powers and abilities

The Lumacomete is able to move Prankster Comets at will.

In Super Mario Galaxy

After Mario collects 31 Power Stars, Lumacomete will appear near the Terrace. Mario can ask Lumacomete: "Tell Me More!" or "Move It!". If Mario tells it, "Tell Me More!", Lumacomete will talk about the types of Prankster Comets.


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