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"That's the spirit, mushroom man!"
― Luma

Lumas are star-like creatures that appear in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. They are Rosalina's adoptive children and unlike most Stars, they have a tear drop-like shape, and come in many colors. They are much like Power Stars, but they are more circular in shape and able to talk. Lumas boast the ability to transform, from minor objects to entire planets and galaxies. Most of them make their home in the Comet Observatory, and others make their home with Lubba on Starship Mario.



There are many Lumas in several colors. Each of them yields a Special power.

  • Yellow: Yellow Lumas transform into Sling Stars and are the most common variety. Some yellow Lumas can transform into Launch Stars as well. Yellow Lumas greet the player while entering Domes as well. Two giant, oversized Yellow Lumas appear in the sequel.
  • Blue: Blue Lumas transform into Pull Stars.
  • Pink: Pink Lumas known as Hungry Lumas transform into planets or galaxies, and leaves behind pink Launch Stars. Once a Hungry Luma transforms into a galaxy, she will became a regular-sized pink Luma. These pink Lumas transform into pink Launch Stars to allow the player travel to the galaxy on the Observatory Grounds.
  • Green: Green Lumas are the guardians of the Trial Galaxies and transform into Green Launch Stars and Green Power Stars.
  • Red: Red Lumas are guardians of Red Stars and hold their powers in her, which transform Mario into Flying Mario.
  • Orange: In addition to the Co-Star Luma, there's also another Luma who gives info about the former.
  • Purple: Purple Lumas are an unused variation of Luma found in both Galaxy game's files. it is unknown what purpose these Lumas would have served.

Notable Lumas

Young Master Luma

Main article: Luma (character)

This Luma, often referred to as Young Master Luma, appears in both Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. In both games, she stows away in Mario's cap and in return gives him the power to Star Spin. This Luma is the only cream/apricot coloured Luma.


Main article: Lubba

Lubba is a Luma that appears in Super Mario Galaxy 2. He is the only Luma in the series that doesn't assume the generic "tear-drop" form. Lubba is essentially the guide for Super Mario Galaxy 2. He gives advice, and will tell Mario if a new character has come to Starship Mario, or if he has brought back a new Item. He appears in a purple colour.


Main article: Polari

Polari is a Luma that appears in Super Mario Galaxy. She typically assists Rosalina in guiding the player. She appears in front of the Map in the Comet Observatory, as well as in any Dome that Mario enters. When Mario has enough Power Stars to reach a Bowser galaxy, she will inform Mario. She appears in a black colouration.


Main article: Lumacomete
Lumacomete is a Luma that appears in Super Mario Galaxy. If Mario pays her 20 star bits, she will move the Prankster Comets that are currently on the map. She usually appears in a gradient purple coloration.


Main article: Lumalee

Lumalee is a Luma that appears in both Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2. She is a blue form of a Hungry Luma that holds either a 1-Up and a Life Mushroom, or two Dice Blocks. Upon paying her thirty star bits/coins, she will give the player in option to pick either a 1-Up or a Life Mushroom, or if she is carrying Dice Blocks, she will release a certain amount. Lumalee most commonly appears shortly before a Boss fight.

Co-Star Luma

Main article: Co-Star Luma

The Co-Star Luma is an orange Luma that appears in Super Mario Galaxy 2. She is the only Luma that is a playable character, though she can only be used by Player 2. The Co-Star Luma assists Mario in attacking enemies, or retrieving coins. The Co-Star Luma can also shoot star bits.


Super Mario Galaxy

The Lumas appear in Super Mario Galaxy, living on the Comet Observatory with Rosalina, lo supporting Mario with his journey to save Peach.

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In the end, all the Lumas sacrifice themselves to destroy the massive black hole created by Bowser's dying sun. However, Luma is reborn and lives on a small planet, while it is hinted that all of the other Lumas will be reborn later.

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Other appearances

Mario Kart Wii

In Mario Kart Wii, a Yellow Luma is bouncing around Rosalina and making noises at all times, but it has no effect on gameplay.

Super Mario Galaxy 2

In Super Mario Galaxy 2, the Lumas serve a similar role as to the prequel. However, both Lumacomete and Polari are absent. There are now Giant Lumas which are simply overgrown Yellow Lumas, there is an orange Co-Star Luma which acts as Player 2, and the Green Lumas just simply look forward to seeing the Green Power Stars.

Super Mario 3D World

Lumas reappear in this game on the level Super Galaxy of World Star. Many Lumas can be seen flying around the level and Rosalina can be seen at the end.

Mario Tennis Aces

A yellow Luma is a downloadable character in Mario Tennis Aces.[1]

Non-canonical appearances

Super Smash Bros. 4

Luma variants appeared in this game with Rosalina, new playable fighters in the game. The Luma is to assist Rosalina in some of her attacks.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Luma variants appeared in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with Rosalina. They are returning fighters in the game. The Luma assists Rosalina in some of her attacks.



  • Paper Mario featured a similar species, called Star Kids. Like the Lumas, the Star Kids were young stars, who were raised on a special place to become real stars someday. They also possessed magical abilities, like the Lumas, and a very similar, childish behavior.
  • The Luma's name is derived from the Latin word, lumen, meaning light, a reference to their future as stars.
  • According to Rosalina, there are Lumas already transformed into planets, comets, and even Power Stars. It is heavily applied by Rosalina that all Lumas will eventually transform into the afformentioned things.


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